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Auditing Your PPC Google Ads

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Tackling Your PPC Audit: Where to Start?

So, you’ve planned your Google PPC campaign, put it into action and you’re now focused on optimising it to keep it ticking along nicely.

Ask yourself: are you getting the most from your Google Ads campaign? Assessing your current strategy can help you refine the performance and ROI of your account. From improving advert copy to streamlining spend, read our essential checklist of questions to ask when starting your PPC audit below:

Assess Your Current Adverts on Google

Eye-catching adverts can deliver an engaging brand experience and drive conversions for your campaign. From expanded text ads (ETAs) and responsive search ads (RSAs) to Google Shopping Ads and call-only ads, there are a number of exciting ways to catch your audience’s attention across the Google Ads platform. 

  • Are you using engaging copy? 
  • Have you included call-to-actions?
  • Are you using a mix of ETA, RSA and DSA formats?
  • Are you split-testing different messaging?
  • Are your adverts relevant to the keywords you’re targeting?
  • Do you make the most of your unique USPs?

Expand Your Scope on Google with Powerful Extensions

Extensions are a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention and give you a larger Google real estate. With some screen formats only showing adverts and a local Google map above the fold, this can really help push competitors even further down the screen.

  • Are you utilising all of the available extensions including price, promotion, sitelinks and structured snippets?
  • Are any of your extensions disproved, or pointing to pages that no longer exist?
  • Are you using account-wide extensions and, if so, are there more tailored extensions you could be creating for individual campaigns?

Target the Right Keywords

Keywords are essential for targeting your search adverts. Finding keywords with volume and a high conversion intent is fundamental for your campaigns to achieve success. Ask yourself:

  • Have you done up-to-date keyword research?
  • Are you targeting the right match type?
  • Are you using long and short tail keywords?
  • Do you have keywords that are generating better performance than others?
  • Do your keywords have an above-average quality score?
  • Have you applied negative keywords to streamline your spending?
  • Have you reviewed your search terms, to get a deeper understanding of the ways users are finding your adverts?

Campaign Settings: Location, Location, Location!

The settings of your campaign play a vital part in their delivery and the overall performance of your account. Ask yourself:

  • Are you only targeting users in your key service locations?
    Have you added IP exclusions to prevent your adverts from being surfaced to your own teams?
  • Are you using the optimal bid strategy for your campaign goals?
  • Have you added in content exclusions to prevent your display adverts from showing on placements that don’t align with your brand interests?

Get Help With Your PPC Audit

Do you want support analysing your current activity and creating a strategy for success? Our PPC experts can help create a blueprint to achieve your goals online with our detailed PPC health audit and strategies. Get in touch to find out more today.

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