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Having a great app is the first step. Getting it into the hands of your target audience takes careful planning and optimisation.

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What is App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

ASO is the process of researching & implementing changes to app store listings to ensure they appear in front of users searching for new apps. By optimising your listing, you can improve your app’s rank in the app store, ensuring that it can be found by a wider audience.


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Why ASO?

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There’s no escaping the popularity of mobile devices, with more and more people choosing them as their go-to way to surf the web with each passing year. 

So for businesses that offer an app, or even ones where their app is their main touch-point with their customers, making sure their app ends up in the right hands is a major player in their success. 

There are many factors that determine what apps show up when you search an app store, and by making sure your app listings are well-optimised, you’re greatly increasing the chances of your app being shown to potential customers. 


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Is ASO the same as SEO?

ASO and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) have a lot in common: both rely on doing keyword research to find out what your customers are searching for, making sure those keywords are well-utilised and that other ranking factors (ie. linking, reviews and relevance) are also taken into consideration. 

Because each app store is its own platform and separate from search engines, the keywords you optimise your site for might not be the same as the ones you need to optimise your app page for, so your app listing needs to be its own unique touchpoint. 


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