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Google Shopping

Harness the power of Google Shopping and discover endless opportunities. Drive sales with the Peaky team on your side.



Increase In Goal Conversion Rate

Google Shopping Overview

If you’re looking to boost your current digital marketing efforts, you may want to consider creating a Google Shopping Ad. Google Shopping Ads are a fantastic way to boost the visibility of your business, whilst effectively marketing a product to your chosen target market. Google Shopping Ads work well with existing digital marketing strategies and it’s a popular route that many businesses take.

The Advantages of a Google Shopping Ad

If you have ever shopped online, you will have seen Google Shopping Ads. Google Shopping Ads are paid for advertisements that place specific products ahead of the rest, ensuring that they are found by shoppers. These adverts are then shown in response to specific keyword searches. Google Shopping Ads are a fantastic way to promote products online and they work well with other elements of digital marketing, such as SEO and Social Media Marketing. The top advantages of a Google Shopping Ad campaign include:

  • There’s a Good Click Through Rate – Google Shopping Ads boast a great click through rate, meaning there’s a high chance of someone clicking on the advertisement once they have seen it. Not only does this boost website traffic, but it also increases the chances of you making a sale.
  • They’re a Good ROI – As Google Shopping Ads have a good click through rate and a relatively low cost, so they’re a good ROI. When you set up a new Google Shopping Ad, you can do so knowing that you’ll be using your marketing budget in a way that will pay off in the long run.
  • There’s Good Visibility on Mobile Devices – More people than ever are shopping on their mobile phones and tablets, which means it’s important to consider this when digital marketing. Google Shopping Ads have good visibility on mobile devices and therefore they’re great if you’re marketing to people on the go.

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Our Strategy

Leading Google Shopping Specialists 

Increase ROI and scale your e-commerce business with data-driven Google Shopping campaigns. Maximise the reach of your product ads and ensure that, in an ever-shifting landscape, your brand stays ahead of the competition.

Reduce CPA With Expert Shopping Management

Pay less for every sale. Our Google Shopping management is focussed on one thing – ROI. We ensure a lower cost-per-acquisition through feed optimisation, ad management, bid strategies and more. Our winning strategies guarantee that your budget will work harder for you. 

Grow Your Account With Long-Term Strategies

Our forward-thinking team can help your e-commerce business scale with ease. Ensure long-term visibility and consistent growth with our strategies to maximise your brand presence. From identifying new opportunities and trends, to ongoing optimisation to refine performance, we partner with you to drive a long-term campaign for success.

Data-Driven Approach to Google Shopping

Trust in data. From seasonal forecasts and industry trends, to historical account performance and bid strategies, we utilise a rich data-driven approach to guarantee campaign success. Using smart insights, we can deliver intelligent campaigns that will achieve best-performance online.

Get Ahead With Google Shopping Feed Optimisation 

An optimised feed is vital to get your products found (and bought) online. Our management includes a complete end-to-end solution for your feed: from managing disapproved inventory and surfacing products, to delivering up-to-date product information and enhancing adverts with rich promotion extensions.

Write Product Copy That Sells (And Gets Found Online)

Ensure your ads stand out, and surface for your key product terms, with our creative product copy. Optimise headlines, tailor your content to search terms and provide engaging information that will drive a customer to conversion.

Efficient Merchant Centre Set-Up

Take the hassle out of account set-up. Our experts can handle your merchant centre set-up and feed creation, managing everything from disapproval and warnings, to feed optimisation. Ensure a secure foundation to your campaign with the support of our team.


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Peaky Digital have proven themselves to be an immensely valuable extension to our in-house marketing team. We have been very pleased with the performance, energy and attention to detail the Peaky Digital team have given us, seeing significant uplift in key PPC metrics.

Ian Blackburn Managing Director, Hidepark Leather

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