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Digital PR —

Bring the Buzz to your Brand with Digital PR

Enhance your brand authority and get people talking when you embark on your Digital PR journey with Peaky Digital.

Digital PR Overview

Our creative Digital PR campaigns turn your story into exciting opportunities to build quality, trusted links online. We design campaigns that utilise your products, data, industry news, personal brand stories and more to deliver unique creative assets that will get links back to your website.

Using a strategic approach, our Digital PR campaigns are designed with SEO and website visibility in mind – generating excitement in your brand that will translate to increased traffic and engagement.

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Our Strategy

Linkbuilding Through Digital PR

Stand out in a crowded marketplace and build your link portfolio through engaging, data-driven campaigns that turn your brand’s assets into compelling stories for your audience. Our Digital PR campaigns will earn your website organic links and build your authority to help your SEO activity online.

Use Data to Create Rich, Shareable Content

Create powerful assets and put unique spins on existing news to create tailored articles with our data-driven campaigns. From industry insights and customer data, to surveys and polls, we leverage rich data to deliver engaging Digital PR campaigns that will gain organic links online – in turn optimising your conversation rate.

Hassle-Free Outreach That Really Works

We understand how difficult and time-consuming outreach is. The world of linkbuilding is a disheartening one, which is why our approach brings a fresh and innovative spin to building your link portfolio. Let us handle the exhaustive task of outreach and relationship building – giving you the time to allocate valuable resources elsewhere in your business.

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What We Offer

People are searching for what you have to sell. The problem is that if they don’t find you they can’t buy from you… and that’s costing you money (and a heap of frustration).

Digital PR Strategy

Map out the blueprint for success with our Digital PR strategies. Your detailed report takes in the competitive landscape, backlink opportunities and creative campaign ideas for your business to succeed.

Creative Content

Utilise industry and audience data to create shareable content that can be leveraged to drive traffic online.

Brand Collaborations & Partnerships

Organise collaborations, competitions and brand partnerships to increase your reach online.

Surveys & Polls

Create data-driven articles and add unique spins to existing stories by running surveys and polls.

Local & National Publications

Build and maintain relationships with key publications to attract opportunities and publish your content.

Industry & Guest Articles

Position yourself as a leader in your sector with guest speaker opportunities and industry publication contributions.

Press Releases

Build credibility, announce business updates and share positive news stories with informative press releases.

Reporting & Insights

Get detailed campaign analysis and actionable recommendations to strengthen your marketing activity with our Digital PR reporting.

Brand Reputation

Manage brand reputation and ensure positive communication with your audience with our reputation management services.

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