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Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re passionate about our community. From our immediate business network to the wider corporate and social environment, Peaky wouldn’t be the same without our partnerships.

Our CSR policy keeps us on track across all our vital commitments, ensuring we leverage our business impact for positive change. Find out how we do this below.

Environmental Commitment

At Peaky, we’re committed to positively managing our impact on the environment. Our team works together to offset our environmental impact with measures in place including paperless processes, recycling, meat-free Mondays, reduced business travel, litter pickup schemes and more. 

We’re also always on the lookout for sustainable businesses to work with.

Sustainable Digital Marketing

Sourcing Ethical Suppliers

We’re dedicated to sourcing ethical suppliers to work with across all areas of business. We perform due diligence on all of our suppliers, ensuring that each one is committed to following the same high standards of ethical trading as we do. We develop long-term relationships with each of our suppliers, built on mutual trust – that’s the Peaky way!

Our Individuals

We’re proud to play a role in supporting and developing our team of bright, unique individuals that make up the Peaky family. We invest in regular training for our team and are focused on cultivating wellbeing in the workplace. We offer flexible working, mental health services and more for all employees, and encourage our staff to pursue a healthy work-life balance at all times.

Every member of staff also plays their part when it comes to researching and implementing ethical and environmentally-positive incentives within the organisation. From top to bottom, Team Peaky is passionate about affecting positive change in every space we operate within. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Working Within Our Community

We understand the importance of supporting local businesses in the community and fostering lasting partnerships that build up a sustainable network of commerce. We work regularly with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, offering free digital marketing workshops for their members to ensure the wider business community develops on a level playing field. Expertise is developed to be shared.

Charity & Voluntary Work

With offices in the East Midlands and Cornwall, we’re dedicated to supporting local charities in both of these areas. Each year, we nominate a new Charity of the Year. We offer our services free of charge to support them as part of our socio-environmental commitments. Our charity support thus far includes offering our full range of services to charities such as Leicester Animal Aid, Surfers Against Sewage, Cornwall Mind, Go Beyond and St Petrocs.

The Friends We’ve Made

We’re an outgoing bunch and love to make new friends! Our partnerships are more than ‘business opportunities’. We love going out of our way by building relationships that last, sharing our digital knowledge to build up our business community even as we grow ourselves.

If you’d like to hear more about the friends we’ve made, please do get in touch.

Partner With Us

We’re always looking for charities and local initiatives to get involved with. If that’s you, please do give us a ring!
Whether you’re looking for support from our business or have a scheme you’d like to make us aware of, you can chat with our team here.