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Your Luxury Brand Marketing Agency

When you have a product or service that is truly a cut above the rest, you need the marketing to match. With years of experience working with premium brands across the globe, the Peaky team knows what your target audience wants from you. High-end results for high-end brands. Discover the luxury brand marketing agency that reflects your brand ambition.



Increase in e-commerce conversion rate

Your Luxury Brand Marketing Agency Overview

Premium Marketing for Premium Brands

Working with premium brands all over the world means we know what it takes to get you seen online. We understand that in the luxury market, no two consumers are the same. But even with this in mind, it is important to recognise what it is that your target audience is after. 

Getting to know your brand, as well as your target audience, is just the first step. From here we can begin to craft your knockout marketing campaigns. From PPC to SEO, we know what will suit your luxury brand.

Our Services for your Luxury Brand

When you look for a marketing agency for your luxury brand, you are likely to have a good idea of what channels you’re after. This is why we’re proud to be able to offer you industry-leading marketing services to help elevate your luxury brand to the next level. 

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Our Experience with Luxury Brands

The Peaky team is full to the brim with industry experience, working with brands all across the globe. Pairing our expertise in eCommerce Marketing with our relentless dedication to understanding your customer results in exciting results for your brand. 

Creating exciting and bold campaigns is our bread and butter. Don’t believe us? Why not check out the luxury brands we’ve worked with?

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Our Strategy

Why you Should Choose us as your Marketing Agency for your Luxury Brand

Understanding your Brand

Understanding what your brand and identifying what it is your audience wants is essential for high-end products/services. This is why our partnership will always start with getting to know you. Direct point of contact with your own dedicated account manager will ensure they relay any feedback or information to the team working on your digital marketing. 

A Strategy for Success

All of our strategies are crafted using data as the basis of everything we do. Syncing your brand’s unique message with industry-relevant data, we are able to form a strategy that maximises your potential. Thanks to the proactive nature of our team, we are able to remain agile for our clients in order to react to any potential wins that could be made. Our PPC & Paid Social Media Channels are designed to take advantage of reactive changes. 

Transparent and Concise Reporting

At the end of the month, you will receive a report on the month’s work and the impact it has had. Whether you’ve exceeded your target or not, our reports will always come with a plan to make the next month even more effective.

Ready to unleash your brand's capabilities in 2024?

Brand awareness, business growth or a bigger and better ROI, our team of digital specialists are here to help you get the most from your brand. Let's start a new partnership today.

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What We Offer

People are searching for what you have to sell. The problem is that if they don’t find you they can’t buy from you… and that’s costing you money (and a heap of frustration).

Search Engine Optimisation

Get your Cornwall ecommerce business found online through organic search with campaigns focused on boosting traffic and increasing your website’s performance in SERPs.

Linkbuilding Campaigns

Enhance your website’s domain authority with strategic linkbuilding that centres around getting people talking about your brand.

Social Media Management

Engage your audience with social content that encourages them to act. Successful ecommerce is all about community engagement, and our social media campaigns – both organic and paid – can achieve this for you.

Content Marketing

Produce dynamic, creative assets to boost audience engagement. From video content and infographics to blog posts and whitepapers, get noticed online with content that cuts through the noise.

Email Marketing with Klaviyo

Supercharge your email marketing with data-driven campaigns that make use of smart automations to engage customers on a personalised level.

Paid Advertising

Get your ads seen with paid campaigns that cut through the noise and drive immediate traffic. If you’re all about the quick wins, this is for you.

Digital Training

Upgrade your knowledge with training from our digital marketing experts. No matter what channels you want to cover or how in-depth you want to go, we can share our knowledge to level up your digital marketing know-how from the inside out.

In-Depth Reporting

Keep track of your monthly performance with transparent reports that show you exactly how you’ve been performing in key areas.