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Digital Discussions is a platform where we discuss all things digital with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Sit back, relax and take your digital knowledge to the next level. And as always, there are more than a few laughs to be had!

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#007 Carving Out a Niche with the Aussie Smoker

In this week’s episode, Adam sits down with another very special Adam – the Aussie Smoker himself.

As an Aussie from Perth now living in Cornwall, the Aussie Smoker has had great success with his quintessential Australian barbecue business. Together, the Adams talk about:

  • How he carved out his own niche
  • The joys of barbecuing all year round (even during the chilly UK winters)
  • Embracing the Cornish community as an Australian ‘outsider’

#006 The Endless Importance of Great PR

This week, another special guest (and certified PR badass) joins us in the studio to talk about the importance of PR.

Florence Bate, who heads up Florence Bate Communications, has built and delivered successful campaigns for brands like Josh’s Chocolate and Monterey, landing coverage in major publications including Forbes, GQ and The Daily Telegraph. Naturally, we couldn’t be more stoked to pick her brain.

  • How should you pitch to journalists?
  • Where – and how – do you find the right publications?
  • How can you make your outreach more efficient?

These questions and more will be answered – this is not one you want to miss.

#005 Killer Content & The Rise of AI

We’re back, baby 😎

In episode 5 of Digital Discussions, Adam sits down with Justin, Peaky’s Senior SEO Executive. Tune in to hear their thoughts on:

  • Why good content is so important for online brands, especially when consumers aren’t quite ready to buy
  • How ChatGPT has brought AI into the mainstream and the impact it’s having on content writers
  • The opportunities a unique brand tone of voice can bring to your digital presence

…And more!

#004 The Digital Rise of Healey’s Cyder Farm

We’ve gone all out for episode 4! Joining Adam in the studio is Joe Healey of Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm – that’s right, it’s Mr Rattler himself 🐍

As Managing Director of one of the UK’s biggest cider companies, Joe has plenty of wisdom to offer when it comes to building a quintessential Cornish brand that’s recognised nationally.

#003 Why Your Business NEEDS SEO

In episode 3 of Peaky Digital Presents Digital Discussions, Jamie returns – this time as a guest 👀

Rachael, our Client Services Manager, picks his certified mega-mind on all things SEO for businesses. Together, they help beginners make sense of the ever-shifting landscape of SEO – the what, why and how.

  • WHAT is SEO?
  • WHY does your business need it?
  • HOW do you get started?

Tune in to find out!

#002 Crafting a Winning Customer Journey

In our sophomore episode, Peaky’s SEO Manager Jamie sits down with Jonathan Davies, Founder and Director of LinedUp. Having helped some incredible brands like Finisterre, NRBY and ProQ, Jonathan is just the man to talk to about all things web development and user experience.

Together, he and Jamie put their very competent brains together to talk about how web development and UX can influence the customer buying journey.

Let’s dive in – job’s a good ‘un!

#001 How to Build Your Brand into a Leader

In our inaugural episode, Content Executive Adam chats with Joe Turnbull, Founder of the film agency Bull & Wolf. Their chat is the perfect way to ring in the podcast: together, they unpack brand leadership, video virality and the importance of hero content.

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