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Bespoke Marketing Services for the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry.

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Digital Marketing for the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry Overview

A strong and well-planned digital marketing strategy can be the difference between maximising your potential traffic and not. In the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry, there is nothing more important than getting people through the door, and it all begins online. Whether you need a killer Pay-per-click campaign or a watertight SEO strategy, the Peaky team are experts in getting your business seen. 

Expert Digital Marketing for Hotels

It’s no secret that the pandemic had a huge impact on the hospitality industry, which means it is vital that businesses kick into gear with their marketing. With the help of our team of experts, we can help you elevate your business to pre-covid levels and beyond. 

Physical and Website traffic rising in tandem

When your business relies so heavily on seasonality, ensuring your online presence is up to scratch is vital. With a killer SEO or PPC campaign, you can not only drive traffic to your website but people through the door to your business. Essential for the tourism industry. Get in touch today and speak to one of our experts.


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Our Strategy

Our approach to the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry

Understanding your Business

Understanding how your business operates, especially at the busiest times, is essential to ensuring online success. Our team will first get to know you and your business, establishing the most popular services and times of the year when you’re likely to be busy. This helps us form our strategy to utilise this footfall.

A Strategy Built to Last

All of our strategies are crafted using data as the basis of everything we do. By pairing your business’ unique appeal/USP with industry-relevant data, we are able to form a strategy that maximises your potential. We understand that seasonality and trends play a big role in these industries, so we always remain proactive to suit your business needs. 

Transparent and Concise Reporting

At the end of the month, you will receive a report on the month’s work and the impact it has had. Whether you’ve exceeded your target or not, our reports will always come with a plan to make the next month even more effective.

Experience is key within the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry

At the very heart of Cornwall’s business sector is the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry. A pillar of the local economy and one that requires a perfectly executed marketing strategy to breakthrough into. With years of experience cutting through the noise, our team is more than adept at putting Cornish businesses on the map. 


We don’t just stop at Cornwall though. We have experience getting businesses all across the country to increase their website traffic and ultimately resulting in bookings. Check out some of the great businesses we’ve worked with over the years.