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We're a small team with big impact. Experts in SEO, PPC, content marketing, email and social. Award-winning digital strategists who passionately care about your brand.

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Natalie Peaky Team Photo


Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Peaky Digital, Natalie is passionate about building long-lasting client relationships and ensuring our agency delivers outstanding customer experience. A keen tennis player, Natalie can be found most Summer evenings on the court or on one of her favourite coastal walks in South Cornwall.

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India Peaky Team Photo


Strategic Director

India is our resident expert in strategy, operations and internal projects. After graduating from City University with a degree in Journalism, India spent some time working as a Digital Strategist at one of the top agencies in the East Midlands, before joining Peaky in 2018. Outside of Peaky, India enjoys Taekwondo and making a splash in the Peak District with her paddleboard!

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Pheobe Peaky Team Photo


Head of Wellbeing

As Peaky’s Head of Wellbeing, you’ll often find Phoebe sprawled across the office enjoying lots of love and fuss. Phoebe’s responsibilities include client satisfaction (something she excels at), team motivation (another field in which she over-achieves) and seagull deterrer. Outside of office hours, Phoebe’s favourite thing to do is go on lots of walks and her favourite place to visit is Perranporth beach.

Rachael Peaky Team Photo


Head of Client Success

Our resident Head of Client Success, Rachael is in charge of turning visions into outcomes for our clients and heads up our team of Project Managers.

After studying graphic design, she went on to build a reputation for her ability to deftly balance a variety of projects, nurturing relationships with grassroots community groups and global NGOs alike. When she’s not at work, Rachael enjoys cooking, watching American hospital dramas and getting out and about in Cornwall.

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Chlöe Peaky Team Photo


Search Social Manager

Chlöe, a Peaky OG and a familiar face to many is our Search Social Manager. Heading up our Organic Social, SEO and Content teams with a love for spreadsheets, data, and strategy. Often found with her head in Google Analytics or persuading the team to get involved in the latest TikTok trend.  But, don’t ask her what she’s having for lunch, she can’t make a decision until she knows what everyone else is having…

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Diggory Peaky Team Photo


Pup-lic Relation Manager

Meet Diggory! He has told us he is a loyal employee but is often found napping on the job. Diggory is happy to replace his hourly rate for strokes or a nice pair of slippers. If you need to know how the Peaky pups are doing, Diggers is your man.

Charlotte Peaky Team Photo


Paid Media Manager

A strategic problem-solver, our Paid Media Manager Charlotte oversees the impactful and engaging PPC campaigns we deliver for clients. After graduating from Falmouth University with a Degree in Creative Advertising, Charlotte gained a Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing from the CIM. On the weekends she likes to socialise with friends, spend time on the beach and enjoy that all-important lie-in!

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Reggie the black cockapoo dog in a harness sat on the beach


Pee-Pee-C Assistant

The newest member of the Peaky Team, Reggie is always ready to bestow cuddles and bundles of fun on the Peaky crew. Whilst he’s getting the hang of Pay-per-click there’s still a way to go when it comes to toilet training.

Ben Peaky Team Photo


Commercial Manager

As our Sales & Partnerships Manager, Ben specialises in PPC advertising and supporting business growth for us and our clients. Having graduated from UWE with a degree in Business Management and Marketing, Ben is now applying his knowledge in the agency environment, helping our clients achieve excellent results. When Ben isn’t at work you can find him at one of Cornwall’s many beaches surfing and exploring the coastline.

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Coral Peaky Team Photo


Paid Media Analyst

Coral is our PPC Analyst (and the office’s designated bringer of positive vibes!), working with our PPC team to deliver outstanding results across our paid advertising campaigns. A self-confessed movie buff, Coral can be found watching something (usually a good old-fashioned horror!) or turning her hand to making jewellery.

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Sven the Australian Shepherd dog lying in some long grass


Senior Barketing Executive

Bright-eyed and (very) bushy-tailed, Sven is known to work hard and play even harder. An eager member of the team, Sven is always found with his nose to the ground, sniffing out the latest barketing trends.

Freya Peaky Team Photo


Paid Media Executive

Freya graduated from UEA with a degree in English Lit and Creative Writing, which she lends to her role as Paid Media Executive, working across PPC and Paid Media with a smile on her face at all times.

In her spare time Freya tries her hand at some relaxing yoga, followed by a sea swim. Taking a break from her screen, you can find Freya exploring the wonderful walks Cornwall has to offer.

Sarah Peaky Team Photo


Account Manager

Sarah, Peaky’s Digital Account Manager, is no stranger to facilitating our clients’ success! After graduating from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Photography, Sarah is applying her passion for helping brands reach new peaks as part of our Account Management team.

In her spare time, you’ll likely find her wandering the coast taking snaps of beautiful Cornwall, or in the kitchen working on her latest baking creation.

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Dan Peaky Team Photo


SEO Executive

Dan is Peaky’s Digital Marketing Assistant, and the only member of the team who can reach the top shelves in the kitchen. When he’s not working on making beautiful SEO things happen, he’s out surfing. Does he channel the calming waves of the sea into his work, resulting in technical and content SEO that could be described as both zen-like and effective? We don’t know. We’ve never asked him that question.

Sara Peaky Team Photo


Content Executive

Sara (absolutely not to be confused with Sarah) is Peaky’s Content Executive. Cracking social copy? You got it. Emails? Oh yeah. Graphics? Yupper dupper. Photography? Abso-flipping-lutely. Sara is originally from Canada, but suspiciously doesn’t know who Rick Astley is…

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