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Email Marketing: Design Best Practices Whitepaper

One of the core purposes of email marketing is to ensure brands can connect authentically with their audience. Peaky's social team share some proven methods to maximise the potential of your campaigns.


Mother’s Day Marketing Guide 2023

Making your campaigns memorable amongst millions of brands in the lead up to Mother's Day can be a challenge. We've put together a guide on how to align your marketing channels to make the most of the yearly event.


Getting Started with B2B Email Marketing

Let the Peaky Email team show you how to create well-written and useful emails to generate high-quality leads and build an engaged, relevant audience.


digital advertising trends for 2023

Digital Advertising Trends in 2023 Whitepaper

As we’re thrust full-tilt into another new year, Peaky’s paid search and paid social experts are feeling hopeful. Even amidst Q4’s widespread financial uncertainty, some interesting trends and themes emerged towards the end of 2022 that are due to have an impact in 2023.