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8 Killer Content Ideas for Lead Generation

by Jamie MacKenzie

Aug 29, 2023

8 Killer Content Ideas

Content is an all-encompassing term: from the business cards you hand out at a networking event, the TikTok videos you create for your social accounts, right the way down to the dotted “i”s and crossed “t”s on your privacy policy page – how you say it is just as important as what you’re saying. 

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So for businesses that want to generate leads, finding the right messaging and platform to meet prospective customers is a must; even in the digital age first impressions are everything.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration that will help you improve your lead generation by leveraging your expertise through content; many of them you can even do in-house:


email marketing best practices

Whitepapers and Playbooks 

Nothing cements you as an expert in your field like a whitepaper showcasing your expertise. Bringing together your insights and industry knowledge with up-to-date stats and information is a great way to show that you know what you’re talking about, and that you’re not afraid to show it. 

Whitepapers are endlessly promotable as well: with a carefully chosen topic you will get the SEO benefit of good quality, long-form content – and the promise of industry insights makes them invaluable as promotional material for social media, email and PPC campaigns. 

Take a look at some of Peaky Digital’s whitepapers for inspiration.


Testimonials & Case Studies

No one sells your business better than your customers do, whether that’s in the form of testimonials and case studies that highlight the difference you have made to those you work with. 

While the tried-and-tested formats for these have stood the test of time, you can also get creative with how you display this, such as video interviews and podcasts; this is also a great way to show your existing clientele just how much you appreciate their business and value their opinions at the same time.

For more inspiration on using your customers’ reviews & opinions to build trust, read our guide on
turning customers into brand advocates.



Interactive Polls and Surveys

Create engaging polls or surveys related to your industry. Not only do people love to get involved and share their opinions, but with their consent, it can also be used to generate valuable statistics, which can be used to create blogs and newsletters, all of which can again be used to grow your audience.



Quick Tips Infographics

Sometimes ruled out for being a bigger resource investment than the equivalent blog post, there’s still much to be said for well-made, visually appealing infographics featuring bite-sized tips. 

Not only are infographics shareable on social media and add weight to blogs, they can also be broken down point-by-point and become their own social media content, with a post dedicated to each takeaway.

Not only does this help build out your social media calendar, but you can also incentivise the rest of the infographic as a means to get people to subscribe or sign up to receive the full version. 

marketing content ideas


Behind-the-Scenes Images & Videos

Let’s be honest; is there anything that makes you trust a business less than a website full of stock images of people shaking hands and high-fiving? Stock images serve a purpose, but shouldn’t be the only glimpse potential customers get into your business – especially as it’s not your business they’re seeing.


Produce authentic videos offering a glimpse into your business’s daily operations, team dynamics, and project processes. This humanizes your brand and fosters trust, which encourages people to engage with you. As the saying goes: “people buy from people”. 


Downloadable Resource Library

Build a library of downloadable resources such as templates, checklists, and cheat sheets. Extra resources spent on making sure they look great (and include your branding prominently) as well as being useful means that people will keep coming back again and again, and greatly increases the chances of them reaching out to you in the future.  

Of course, you can also require visitors to submit their email addresses to access these valuable tools, but you may find a useful enough resource will not need it, and word-of-mouth recommendations mean your name gets spread far and wide.


Beginner’s Guides & How-To Blogs

Develop a series of beginner’s guides, breaking down complex concepts from your sector into easily digestible articles that can be used as a great point of reference for people trying to find their way in an area that’s likely new and daunting to them.

This educates your audience and positions your agency as an approachable expert who isn’t afraid to share its wisdom and experience

For anyone worried about giving away their expertise for free, unless you work in a field where you alone hold this information, there is a reasonable chance one or more of your competitors is already doing this – which just gives you a benchmark to try and make something even better. 

For some potential leads, even seeing the first steps might seem daunting and will be enough to convince them that they need to approach you for help – after all you are the experts!


Have a read through some of Peaky Digital’s past blogs for more inspiration on putting together useful content. 


Virtual Workshops & Networking

These days all you need to host a workshop is a webcam, good content and a comfortable chair; as long as your content is good, you can host a workshop or a networking event. Choosing the right topic is crucial, as this will be the billboard hook that gets people to find out more and join your event.

Of course, in-person events such as s’Peaky are also a proven method of generating leads, and more naturally lend themselves to networking, and might be a better fit for your business and your target audience, but this is entirely up to you and what will suit your audience. 

Share knowledge, discuss trends, and provide actionable tips, all while capturing leads through registrations – what’s not to love?


To Conclude 

Remember, the key is to offer valuable, relevant, and actionable content that addresses the needs and pain points of your target audience. 

When you’re promoting your business, your content is likely going to be the first interaction that many prospective clients have with you, so picking the right approach for the types of leads you want to attract will be important too. Better still, if you utilise several at once, you’ll provide a well-rounded approach suitable for various business sizes and industries.


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