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5 Ways To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

by Justin Prinsloo

Jul 31, 2020, ,


Customers are your brand’s most powerful marketing tool. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the oldest, and most effective, forms of marketing. Not only are repeat purchases from satisfied customers more cost-effective to acquire than finding new clients, but existing customers can also help you build credibility with a wider audience. See some of our recommendations for turning customers into brand advocates:


#1 User-Generated Content

Using user-generating content is a great way to build a sense of community with your audience and widen your reach. Asking users to contribute content, such as images of them using your products, means that your brand will get interesting and relevant content for Social Media, and makes it more likely that users themselves will share and mention your brand online.


#2 Encourage Conversations On Your Platforms 

Get your customers to engage in conversations online, building a loyal community and creating a buzz around your products. Posts that encourage users to ‘tag a friend who would enjoy’ are a great way to widen your audience and make new users aware of your brand via a credible referral. With Instagram’s new pinned comments feature, you can also control the comment thread effectively, ensuring a positive tone of voice that directs the conversation.


#3 Use A Referral Scheme 

Incentivise your customers to refer a friend by running a referral scheme. Whether it’s a free product, service, or discount on future purchases, rewarding your customers for being loyal is great for adding the wow factor and generating new leads.


#4 Ask For Reviews 

Customer reviews are a great way to build trust with your brand. Don’t feel afraid to ask your customers for reviews or testimonials. You can do this in an email follow-up, include it as a mail shot in packages, or put out requests online.


#5 Give Them The Wow Factor

Going above and beyond is the perfect way to impress your customers and ensure they’ll become your biggest supporters. Birthday vouchers, free gifts, sign-up discounts, free content and more are all ways to go that extra mile and make sure that your brand stands out from competitors. Review your customer journey and the touch-points involved in the purchase process, before seeing how many you can make extra special!


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