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5 Benefits of Running Amazon Advertising

by Freya Carberry

Jul 24, 2023

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Are you on the fence about running Amazon advertising for your brand? It might change your mind to consider how often you or someone in your household has used Amazon in the past 6 months…for most of us, this will be a double digits figure. Amazon’s marriage of peak convenience and affordability pulls in users by the millions; in April 2023, Amazon’s UK site recorded a staggering 345.4 million visits. 

While some advertisers are reluctant to launch on Amazon (with fears of devaluing their product by making it ubiquitous), using Amazon advertising allows you to reach a vast pool of consumers when they’re ready to buy. 

Amazon Advertising In A Nutshell 

Similar to the Google Ads format that you may already be familiar with, Amazon ads work on a pay-per-click model, meaning you’re charged only when users click on your ad. 

Amazon offers a range of ad formats to choose from, such as sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads or product display ads. This means you can choose to advertise either specific products, or whole product or brand ranges, giving you lots of flexibility in what you want to push. The best ad format will be in line with your advertising goals, whether that’s maximising sales or impressions. 

What’s so special about Amazon advertising, and how could it boost your brand? Let’s dive into the benefits of Amazon advertising: 

Reach Ready-To-Buy Consumers

While searchers on Google or Bing are often still gathering information on particular products, users turn to Amazon when they’re ready to make a purchase. This means your ads are being shown to a high-intent audience, ready to hit that ‘Buy Now’ button. 

Boost Your Organic Ranking

While Google has made it clear that running PPC ads doesn’t affect your ranking in organic search results, this isn’t the case with Amazon advertising. Since Amazon makes money every time you sell a product, they aren’t concerned with whether that sale was made through paid ads or organic search.

When Amazon decides which products to show in organic search results, sales history is a ranking factor. This means that if your Amazon PPC ads are successful and generate more sales, your organic ranking will improve as well. A higher organic ranking will lead to an increase in organic sales as well. 

For this reason, if you’re just getting started in Amazon ads, it’s a good idea to start with your most popular products, as these will perform the best and help you see results early on. 

Target Specific Competitors

If you’re familiar with the keyword targeting options available in Google Ads, you can employ this in Amazon advertising as well, by choosing ‘keyword targeting’ when you set up your ads. However, Amazon also offers the option to use ‘product targeting’, which allows you to target consumers searching for similar or complementary products. You do this by selecting specific products, categories or brands, allowing you to get hyper granular in selecting where you want your ads to appear.

What does this look like in action? You can get your product to appear on a page with products that it would complement (think camping accessories being shown on a product page for a tent), or on competitor product pages (great if your product is a lower RRP!). 

Lower CPCs Compared To Other Platforms

Amazon advertising benefits from a lower average CPC than other platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads. This means you can keep your costs down without compromising on sales volume, resulting in a higher return on your ad spend. 

You Can Advertise Without Selling On Amazon

It’s a common misconception that in order to advertise on Amazon, you have to be selling on Amazon, but this isn’t the case. While it’s true that directing users to your Amazon storefront or Amazon product page when they click your ads will create a more seamless shopping experience and likely result in more sales, Amazon offers several ad formats that you can take advantage of without being an Amazon seller. 

By opting for Amazon display ads, video ads and custom ads, you can dip a toe in the world of Amazon advertising without becoming an Amazon seller. 

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