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7 Ways to Use Chat GPT in Your Google Ads Campaigns

by Coral Walters

May 24, 2023

7 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Google Ads Campaigns Banner

In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, OpenAI has taken the world by storm with its chatbot platform Chat GPT. Designed to follow instructions in a prompt provided by a user and provide a detailed response.

As the platform gets more and more popular, digital marketers have been exploring the uses of Chat GPT across a variety of channels and content creation strategies. But what is the impact on Google Ads and how can you utilise it within your campaigns? In this blog, we are going to cover 7 different ways that Chat GPT can be a great tool when it comes to building your PPC strategy

Chat GPT Homescreen


Use Chat GPT to Generate Headlines

To use ChatGPT for generating Google Ads headlines, you should first decide on the topic and context of your ad. Then, input relevant keywords or phrases into ChatGPT’s text prompt. 

The platform will generate a variety of ad headlines for you to choose from. Once you have selected a few headlines, refine them and test them in your Google ad campaign.


Use Chat GPT to Generate Descriptions

ChatGPT can also generate descriptions for Google Ads. Similar to creating headlines, start by defining the focus of your ad and providing some context about your business and target audience. The chatbot will generate a variety of ad descriptions for you to choose from, that you can then review and refine as needed. 

Remember to keep your descriptions clear and focus on the benefits of your product or service. Once you have refined your ad descriptions, test them in your Google ad campaign to see which ones perform best.


Generate Effective Call to Action Phrases

A call to action (CTA)  is the most effective way to draw customers to your website when placed in the third position for headlines on Google Ads. Chat GPT can be a very useful tool for generating a wide range of effective call-to-action phrases.

Input relevant keywords or phrases into ChatGPT’s prompt, specifically focusing on CTAs you want to include in your ad copy. ChatGPT will generate a variety of calls to action for you to choose from. Look for clear, concise, and actionable CTAs that create a sense of urgency and encourage your audience to take action.


Create an Ideal Customer Profile

To generate an ICP, provide information about your business and target audience, and ChatGPT will generate traits that define your ideal customer. Review and refine these traits to create a profile that accurately represents your target audience. An effective ICP will help you understand your customers’ needs and interests, so you can create ads that are more relevant and appealing to them.


Identify Customer Pain Points

Similar to the above, ​​you can use Chat GPT in order to generate potential pain points for your target audience. 

By knowing these pain points, you can create ads that offer solutions and address their needs. And when your ads are relevant and helpful, customers are more likely to convert! 


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Create Keywords related to your chosen Campaign topic

ChatGPT can help you generate keywords for your Google ads campaign. Just give it some information about your business and the products or services you offer, and the chatbot will analyse the text and identify the most relevant terms and phrases that might be used by people who are searching for something related to your business.

Exploring the generated keywords and adding the most relevant to your campaigns, it opens up the opportunity to split test performance for each keyword generated and identify those most effective for your business’s strategy.


A/B Testing Topics / Ads

You can create different versions of the same ad using ChatGPT-generated copy, such as testing different headlines or descriptions. By running these variations simultaneously and tracking their performance, you can identify which ad is working best for your target audience and optimize your ad campaign for better results.

Split testing ads with ChatGPT-generated copy is a great way to take advantage of the tool’s language processing capabilities and create ads that are tailored to your audience. 


Chat GPT Limitations

While Chat GPT is a useful tool for creating content and copy, it has its limitations that cannot imitate the creation of ads compared to those created by humans.

  1. Lack of Context: Chat GPT often does not understand the context of ad creation or the specific requirements of Google Ads such as ​​audience, competition, and campaign goals, which leads to less accurate or irrelevant suggestions. 
  2. Inability to access real-time data: Chat GPT cannot access current data including market trends, competitor analysis, or ad performance metrics. This limits its ability to provide up-to-date and data-driven insights for optimizing Google Ads campaigns. 
  3. Compliance with Google Ads policies: Similar to lack of context, while Chat GPT can create content, it may not always comply with these policies, potentially resulting in ads that violate Google Ads guidelines, leading to ad disapproval or account suspension.

Keeping up with updates in search engine algorithms and policies alongside creative campaigns tailored to your business is best achieved with the expertise and adaptability of marketers. Overall, while ChatGPT can provide valuable insights and automation to digital marketing campaigns, it is essential to have human input to create a successful, customised, and responsive Google Ads campaign.


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