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PPC 2023 Predictions

by Coral Walters

Jan 4, 2023

PPC 2023 Predictions


As the new year kicks off, many PPC experts have been providing predictions for 2023 and what to expect from the paid search world over the coming months. But what is predicted and how may it affect your marketing campaigns? Read more about the potential upcoming changes in PPC marketing.


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Economy In 2023

With some marketers describing the eCommerce landscape of 2023 as “a bloodbath”, it can often feel rather doom and gloom when creating a marketing strategy in today’s financial climate. However, many argue that the demand for products will not cease as consumers will always want to shop. 


Many predict that CPCs are likely to increase, meaning there will be a higher cost for the same level of traffic. With some implying a rise of up to 25%, it is very important to ensure that your campaigns are tailored to target your most engaged audiences.


The overall message is to be cautious yet proactive, with communication being key in the coming months within all marketing practices. 


Automation & AI in Google Ads

Throughout 2022 we saw the rise of automated processes within Google Ads including the introduction of Performance Max. With the recent increase in popularity of systems such as Chat GPT and Dali, AI feels more accessible than ever and many experts have stated that automation will play a significant role in digital marketing in 2023.


AI doesn’t end at campaign formats and bid strategies; from AI-generated images within campaigns to utilising chatbot software to help build out headlines and descriptions, the potential capabilities are rather impressive. However, there is also the controversial element of trademark and copyright where AI learns from the work of others. This is particularly problematic within images where artists’ work is being replicated without permission.


The integration of AI is a natural progression of the digital marketing industry that all marketers should learn to work alongside, however, it should not be leaned on too heavily. As no machine learning is perfect, there will always be elements that require human input and intervention. It is simply the work of finding a balance, ensuring the data received is high quality, and providing creativity for your paid advertising campaigns.

The Future of Performance Max

After its introduction in 2022, Performance Max has proven to be the marmite of campaign formats – you either love it or hate it! With many marketers frustrated by its lack of transparency, it is predicted that Performance Max will become more customisable and allow users to increase their control of campaigns. 


The rise of AI means that Performance Max is predicted to continue its capture of market share and is likely to become more powerful as the year goes on. It is predicted that changes made through this campaign format are going to be more impactful than user input in 2022.


Learn more about the fundamentals of Performance Max.


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