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How to Ensure Relevancy at Each Step of Your Digital PR Campaign

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Stay On-Task with Our Digital PR Tips

Creating successful and relevant Digital PR campaigns can not only bring you press coverage, helping you to reach your target audience, but it is a vital element in kickstarting a successful SEO strategy. If you would like to learn more about Digital PR and start earning links for your business, then head to our Digital PR service page, where you can learn more about this on-trend SEO strategy. 

The most important element to consider when in the ideation phase of a Digital PR campaign is to understand whether or not the idea or piece of content is relevant. Relevant to not only the business and the industry it falls within, but also if it is relevant to trending news and also the consumer. 

Stay Up to Date with the Latest News and Trends

One way to ensure you’re creating content that’s relevant is by keeping up to date with trending topics in the news. Keeping up with the news cycle can be difficult; with hundreds of news stories being published every hour, it can be hard to stay on trend and find a space to create content related to your business. 

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the news cycle, we suggest setting up alerts when articles are published within your industry. Applications such as Google Alerts and BBC News Alerts are a great way to keep up to date with the latest news without having to spend time searching for it.

Keep Your Content Relevant to Your Client and the Industry

You may have come up with a brilliant Digital PR campaign with impressive infographics and the latest data sources, but if this content is not relevant to your client or the industry it sits within, there is no reason to run with this campaign. Every step of your campaign needs to have some relevance to the client and your target audience. 

Gaining links to publications that are not relevant to your industry could in fact be more damaging to your SEO strategy than not partaking in link building methods. 

Ask yourself: Is this content relevant to my target audience? Is it going to help your ideal customer find me? 

Killer ideas can only get you so far. 

Digital PR campaigns are great for attracting your ideal audience as you are placing yourself in front of new customers, but if you are gaining links in publications where your target audience would not actually be searching for you, this placement would not be relevant. So understand your audience, research the types of publications they’re reading and outreach your killer campaigns to these specific publications. You are most likely to gain links in publications where your audience is engaging and ready to read this relevant content. 

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Are you finding it hard to keep up with trends and source relevant, exciting data for your next Digital PR campaign? Then get in touch with our specialist Digital PR team at Peaky Digital, who can help take your PR campaigns to the next level.

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