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Getting Started With TikTok Advertising

by Chlöe Davison

Aug 24, 2021

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TikTok is a reasonably new contender when it comes to consideration for social media advertising, between dance trends and cat videos it has proven to be a useful tool for businesses. But how can you utilise it for your company and its marketing strategy?

What is TikTok’s Target Demographic?

Tiktok’s primary audience are users under the age of 30, with 40% of total users between the ages of 16 and 24 – so it is perfect if you are aiming to target a younger group. While the demographic for this social media platform is primarily teenagers and young adults, TikTok has rapidly expanded during the year of 2020 and opened up to a larger and more diverse audience. 

Types of Paid Advertisements on TikTok 

Biddable Ads

Biddable Advertising allows you to bid on slots that will allow your ad to appear on a user’s homepage as they scroll. There are three different types of pricing model:

  • CPC (cost per click)
  • CPM (cost per mille)
  • CPV (cost per view)

You can customise the audience your adverts reach by demographics such as age, gender and location. 

Brand Takeover

A brand takeover ad is a large format advert that appears when a user opens the app. This type of paid social media advertisement is limited to one business per day – due to its scale, this ad format may not be suitable for smaller businesses.

Hashtag Challenge

A Hashtag Challenge is a form of advertising that creates user-generated content based on a video or trend you create, and encourages other users to join.

Branded Lenses

Branded lenses allow you to create a ‘filter’, or custom augmented reality that users can incorporate into their videos – these branded lenses are similar to those filters seen on Snapchat or Instagram.

Influencer Advertising

Influencer Advertising involves your business being set up with a relevant content creator on TikTok, where they will make sponsored videos advertising your brand to their audience. 

It can be difficult to decide what ad format would be best for your business and its budget, contact our team of experts for advice on paid social media advertising support.

Top Tips for TikTok Advertising

  1. Research best practices from campaign examples on TikTok’s business inspiration page.
  2. Ensure you create high-quality content – without a carefully crafted Digital PR image and content users will engage with, your campaign may find it hard to get off the ground within TikTok’s algorithm. 
  3. Browse the discover page – get into your audience’s point of view and browse TikTok from their perspective. What would they like to see?
  4. Sound is extremely important on TikTok – keep an eye on trending music and get creative with how you can include it in your own videos. If you can become a part of a trend and make your brand memorable, it can be great for your reputation on the platform. 

Need Help With Your TikTok & Social Media Advertising?

If you’re looking for support with the approach your business has towards paid social media marketing, get in touch with us today, we’d love to support you in reaching your next marketing goal.

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