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5 Tips To Immediately Improve Your E-commerce Website

by Justin Prinsloo

Jul 18, 2020

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Is your e-commerce website struggling to convert? There could be a number of reasons that your website is performing below average – and there could be a number of easy fixes too! See five of our top tips for improving the performance of your e-commerce website today:

#1 Improve Your Internal Linking

Internal linking is an important part of your website. Do your pages interconnect with each other? Are pages easily reachable within a couple of clicks of each other? Improving internal linking will allow users and search engine crawlers to move around your website easily and find what they’re looking for. Create additional links with your text where possible and make sure that your most important landing pages can be reached within 1 or 2 clicks from anywhere in the website. Replacing broken links is also important, as users who meet a 404 error may get frustrated and leave your website.

#2 Make Sure You’ve Implemented HTTPS

If your website is still running on HTTP then your site may be flagged as not secure, and you’ll struggle to build trust with Google’s search engine or users – particularly if you’re asking them to make payment online. Make sure that you’re using a good hosting provider and that you have implemented a SSL certificate with a HTTPS domain.

#3 Use Engaging Meta Descriptions

Your site may be surfacing in Google search results, but are users persuaded to click through? Meta descriptions are the small lines of text visible with your website on a search engine. Making sure you have a unique and interesting meta description will give you more chance of catching a customer’s interest to visit your website.

#4 Optimise The Content On Your Product Pages

Don’t waste the opportunity to provide engaging content that will both help persuade users and increase your keyword rankings. Product pages are the perfect place to add additional content about each item – but make sure your content is unique and not simply copied from another suppliers website. Use around 200-400 words that include your product keywords to help optimise your pages.

#5 Add Alt Tags To Your Images

Alt tags are a quick and effective addition to any picture file that can go a long way in your SEO rankings! The ‘Alt Tag’ or Alternative Text, is the label you can give an image that helps Google’s search engine robots understand exactly what that picture is displaying. This will help your picture surface in relevant Google results, and also makes the image accessible to all users.

Get Help With Your E-commerce Strategy Today

Running a site audit is the first step of planning your e-commerce strategy and identifying the areas for website improvement. Site audits include all of the factors above, alongside a number of opportunities including headings optimisation, sitemaps, title tags and more. To get support creating your SEO strategy, speak to our specialists today.

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