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5 UX Mistakes You’re Making

by Natalie Crouch

Aug 2, 2019, , ,

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Is your website struggling to convert? Are you seeing a huge drop-off in user engagement once they reach a certain page of your site? You could be making a number of simple UX mistakes that can cause even the most loyal follower to leave your site in frustration. Learn more about some common UX mistakes and how you can fix them, here:

#1 Relying On Carousel Banners

Are you relying on a carousel at the top of your page to convey key messages or make users navigate to desired pages? Studies show that, with the appearance of adverts, most users won’t click on a carousel banner, thinking them spammy. Carousels can also slow down your website loading speed, impacting SEO and causing users to bounce back off. If you have multiple banners it’s also unlikely a user will stage on the page for the full carousel rotation, meaning key information won’t be shown to your audience. Instead use your homepage to show off your products and key USPs.

#2 Lack Of Internal Linking

If a user lands on your website via any other page than your homepage, then they may struggle to convert if your page has no internal linking. Users need to be free to move around the site and be nurtured to a conversion by being gently provided with further information. Help the user journey by including relevant links in your blogs and landing pages to other areas of your site, encouraging the user to stay and spend more time reading your content.

#3 Not Checking For Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is extremely important now that Google has moved over a to a mobile-first indexing system. Your website may look stunning on a desktop but does that translate on to the small screen? Do all the buttons work on a mobile or are some hidden off screen? Does the text scale to be readable? Do a thorough testing process on a range of mobile devices before you launch your site.

#4 Tap To Call And Email

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to copy across a number or email from a website and, in the world of UX, the slightest obstacle can have a big impact on your overall conversions. Remove those challenges by putting links behind your phone numbers and emails so that interested users can be taken straight through to communication with one click.

#5 Pop-Ups That Fill The Screen

A frustrated user is not one that’s likely to continue engaging with your site – or even visit ever again. If you decide to use a pop-up feature on your website then make sure that it doesn’t interrupt the entire user process and that it’s easy to navigate away from if the user chooses to do so.

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