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How Gmail Sponsored Promotions Work and the Benefits

by Natalie Temple

May 21, 2018, ,

gmail sponsored ads

Gmail Sponsored Ads: What You Need to Know

There are a number of different elements that make up digital marketing, one of which is Gmail sponsored promotions. A Gmail sponsored promotion is a type of advertisement that is placed in personal Google email boxes, within the promotions tab. This means that when someone logs into their email account, they can see the advertisement.

Like PPC, you are charged for a Gmail sponsored promotion based on the number of clicks it receives. This, along with its ability to target specific users, has led to Gmail sponsored promotions becoming a popular form of marketing.

The Benefits of Gmail Sponsored Promotions

  • Gmail is PopularGmail is used by millions of people around the world, which means it has an extremely impressive outreach. This means you have a great opportunity to reach potential customers and clients. Additionally, there’s a high chance that your existing customers or clients use Gmail and therefore they are likely to see your sponsored promotions. Gmail’s popularity means it works well for reaching new customers and reminding older ones of who you are.
  • Gmail is Mobile FriendlyA large percentage of emails are opened on mobile phones and tablets, which means all advertisements and sponsored promotions should be on platforms that offer a mobile friendly version. Luckily, Gmail does. When you choose to use Gmail sponsored promotions, you are guaranteeing that the promotions can be seen on any mobile device.
  • You Can Get CreativeGmail sponsored promotions offer a number of creative options, so you’re able to design a sponsored promotion in a way that you think will appeal to your target audience. This also helps sponsored promotions to stand out and reflect your business or brand.
  • Gmail Has Many Targeted OptionsOne of the key benefits of Gmail sponsored promotions is that there are many different targeting options. Users can be targeted based on their interests, as well as email content. Doing this means a promotional post can be targeted users based on the types of emails they receive.


Gmail Sponsored Promotions in Digital Marketing

Gmail sponsored promotions work well with other areas of digital marketing, such as SEO and Social Media Marketing. Having expert help goes a long way towards ensuring Gmail sponsored promotions are a success, which is where Peaky Digital comes in. To find out more about using Gmail sponsored promotions, get in touch. Contact us today on 01872 302371, 0115 9775461 or online.

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