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The Challenge

St Petrocs, a charitable organisation dedicated to ending homelessness in Cornwall, faced the challenge of reaching a wider audience and increasing their online presence to support their vital cause.

As Peaky Digital’s charity of the year in 2023, we provided support across a wide range of channels in order to boost St Petrocs’ online presence including PPC, social media, email and SEO.

Key Marketing Challenges

  1. Expanding Awareness and Visibility – St Petrocs aimed to extend recognition for their mission to end homelessness in Cornwall, seeking to attract more volunteers and donations by increasing their visibility.
  2. Navigating Competition – In a crowded digital landscape, St Petrocs seeked opportunities to differentiate themselves and capture the attention of potential supporters amidst various charitable causes and organisations.
  3. Optimising Google Ads Setup – St Petrocs aims to harness Google Ads for outreach, yet faces challenges in setting up and optimising their account effectively, including keyword selection and budget allocation.

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Services Provided

St Petrocs

Our Strategy

Our experts worked with St Petrocs to design and implement a strategy that would generate brand awareness and drive engagement.

Bringing the Campaigns to Life

  1. Account Setup and Optimisation – The Peaky team set up St Petroc’s Google Ads account. Ensuring it adhered to best practices and aligned with the charity’s objectives.
  2. Ad Grant Activation – Leveraging Google’s Ad Grant programme, the team secured $10,000 USD in monthly advertising credit for St Petrocs, enabling them to run cost-effective campaigns and extend their reach within the community.
  3. Campaign Management – Peaky Digital assumed responsibility for managing and optimising St Petrocs’ Google Ads campaigns, monitoring performance metrics and refining strategies to drive maximum impact within the allocated budget.
  4. Performance Tracking and Reporting – Regular performance reports and insights were provided to St Petrocs, allowing them to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions.
  5. Training & Growth Strategy – The Peaky team provided training sessions for the St Petrocs team, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to manage the Google Ads account independently at the end of 2023.


st petrocs

“We are so thankful that Peaky Digital have chosen us to be their charity of the year for 2023. As housing problems and homelessness continue to increase in Cornwall, being able to spread the message about our work is so important and Peaky Digital’s expert support will make a big difference to our communications and marketing. We’re really excited to see what we can achieve together this year."

Jessica St Petrocs

The Results

We pride ourselves on working exhaustively to a set of clearly defined values. These values are established and delivered by our passionate team in every aspect of the work we do, allowing us to achieve the results we strive for. If you want to learn how we can help you reach new peaks, fill out the contact form below!


Click Through Rate on Google Ads.


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