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What is De-Influencing in TikTok Marketing?

by Adam Budd

May 26, 2023

As is the case with social media, new trends are appearing all the time for not only dances and challenges but also when it comes to things such as influencers and how they act. One trend that has gained traction in recent months is the act of ‘de-influencing’ which to the untrained eye would seem counterintuitive. However, it has had more of a positive impact than you would first expect.

What is De-Influencing?

De-influencing is the act of when an influencer chooses to be honest with their review of a product or an experience in an attempt to persuade the consumer not to invest their money into such a thing. This is commonly done for things that are considered alternatives to a more expensive product, whilst promising the same performance and failing to deliver on it. 


You may be asking yourself, why has de-influencing become a thing? The reason it has grown in prominence is because of the growing distrust between consumers and influencers of old. When you hear an influencer promote a product on their social media, somewhere in the back of your mind will be the element of doubt that makes you question whether they truly believe in the product they’re promoting. De-influencing goes a considerable way in restoring the trust between consumers and influencers as it has become less frowned upon to say what you truly believe.

How De-Influencing Has Benefitted TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok has seen its popularity grow at a meteoric rate over the last couple of years, making it easier than ever for anyone to become an influencer and gain a following. With this in mind, it has meant there has been an influx in accounts willing to take sums of money to promote products from less reputable brands. What this leads to is people being duped into buying cheap knockoffs. Thanks to de-influencing, it has begun to deter people from wasting their money on cheap knockoffs. 


With TikTok shops becoming more popular throughout consumers’ For You Page, de-influencing allows them to create a fully-formed opinion on the product that they are considering purchasing. This is also helping brands too. When forming their TikTok influencer marketing plan, they are able to consider a campaign that will test the true strength of their product. By offering their product with no guidance on what to say, they open themselves up to appearing as a transparent and honest business, thus helping their company image.

The Downside to De-Influencing

As is to be expected with a lot of social media trends, there are always some who will look to exploit its promise and use it for their own self-gain. As it is something out of the ordinary it is likely to drive a bit more engagement than a traditional review from an influencer, especially one that would be endorsing it. With this in mind, some may exploit this potential to drive greater sums of traffic to their profile by creating fictitious reviews. Not only is this unhelpful for those looking to buy, but it is also undermining the very purpose of de-influencing. 

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