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2023 Content Calendar for Social Media & PR

by Natalie Temple

Jan 6, 2023

2023 Content Calendar for Social Media & PR


The best part? It’s FREE!

Maximising engagement with your content

As we all know, the best social posts have that ‘off the cuff’ feeling – but the strategy behind them is anything but whimsical. Planning your social posts in advance helps you to visualise the track you’re on – and our content calendar ensures that track is the right one.

Key benefits of using a content calendar:

  • Stay on top of your social plans
  • Ensure content goes out at regular intervals
  • Align your strategy across social platforms
  • Get handy prompts and content ideas each month
  • All content that goes out will be relevant to your users
  • Avoid cluttered social feeds

What’s included in the content calendar?

Peaky’s year planner features everything you need to structure your social campaigns, offering inspiration for post ideas throughout each month.

  • Key dates and events to base your social content on
  • Public and bank holidays, updated for 2023
  • Lots of space to add your own events and goals 

Making the most of your social planning

Say goodbye to the mad scramble of getting a post together at the last minute!

Having a well-defined strategy is crucial for your brand’s social media and PR success. Knowing what you want to talk about – and where you want to talk about it – will help you to level up your social media presence.

With this content calendar, you can plan all social content well in advance, using the easily customisable template to make it all your own. Content steer, strategic feedback and social graphic design ideas – all can be included and tailored to your needs.

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