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Transform Your Facebook Marketing With Dynamic Targeting

by Chlöe Davison

Jan 3, 2022

If you haven’t invested in Facebook marketing yet, this is your sign to start today! Since introducing Facebook Ads in 2007, the platform has revolutionised the way brands can target and engage with their preferred audiences, making it a powerful tool in your digital marketing strategy. From boosting posts to running detailed, targeted campaigns, there are endless marketing opportunities when it comes to running ads on Facebook. 


More specifically, using dynamic targeting within your campaigns can be an effective way to target customers who have recently engaged with your website or social media profiles. 

Here are some of Peaky’s top tips for implementing a dynamic campaign on Facebook.

What Are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic creatives automatically populate products that the customer has recently viewed into the Facebook ad. This is completely personalised for each individual and changes regularly to reflect the item they’ve most recently viewed or interacted with. This ensures that each user is exposed to the most relevant ad possible, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing a product they’ve been interested in for some time. 


This is a highly effective way of putting your ads in front of customers who know about your brand and have been recently browsing your products, effectively adding some creativity to your paid social creatives.



What Are The Benefits Of Dynamic Ads?

There’s a wide range of benefits that come with using dynamic ads. Firstly, you’ll be specifically targeting people that you know are interested in your brand and products. 

Secondly, it saves you time by automatically populating the name, price, and description of each product in the carousel. 

Thirdly, your ads will be much more relevant to the individual customer – increasing the chance of them purchasing from your company.

Moreover, enabling this feature allows you to target specific people within your audience, reach a larger amount of customers, remove products that are out of stock from your catalogue, and much, much more! 

Check out more benefits of paid social media advertising.


How Do I Create A Dynamic Ad? 

Once you’ve created your campaign and audience, you’ll be presented with Facebook’s ad creative options. This is where you get to tailor your ads format, imagery and copy. Once you’ve named your ad and chosen the applicable Facebook and Instagram pages to support your creativity, you have the option to choose the ‘Dynamic Formats and Creative’ feature, as seen below. 



This will enable Facebook to populate your creative with products that have been recently viewed by engaged customers. You can include other elements such as frames around the creatives, dynamic images and videos and populated information about the product on each image. 


Tailoring Copy On Dynamic Ads



To ensure your ad is as personalised as possible, try to tailor the copy to the type of customer you’re targeting. As a dynamic ad is remarketing to customers who have browsed your content before, aim to use copy that reflects this and guides them to complete their purchase. For example, “Are you forgetting something?”. 


You can also use Facebooks auto-populated product tags to create an extra personalised caption. For example, the auto-populated name tag could be used in a sentence such as: “Don’t miss out on the (Product Name)! Get 10% off when you complete your purchase today”.


Personalised ads typically perform much better than generic ads, so implementing this in your social media marketing strategy is a must! See what other services Peaky Digital recommend to include in your digital marketing strategy. 


Take Your Facebook Marketing To The Next Level

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