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How To Build Links In Digital PR Without A Campaign

by Saffron Cawley

Sep 15, 2021

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It’s easy for us to assume that we need a massive headline or story to get our brands noticed by journalists or within the PR realm. We’ve all been told that journalists get hundreds of emails a day, so the chances of getting noticed can be pretty slim – but that may not be the case. Sticking to some specific tips can help you to build links in Digital PR without even having to launch a campaign! Building trusted links for your brand is a crucial part of SEO which helps to increase authority and visibility online. This guide will discuss some rules to stick by to increase your chances of building solid links in Digital PR – even when you aren’t backed by a huge campaign. 


Using News From Within The Brand 


Of course, having a good news story is a great starting point when contacting journalists, but it’s not always necessary to begin reaching out. General news that is relevant to your company and its specific audience can be extremely useful to gain interest from journalists and publications. Here are some general updates that you can use as inspiration for a title or article: 


  • New hires
  • Office moves or expansion 
  • New app/system 
  • Business Updates
  • Financial results
  • Award wins 
  • Product launches/updates


The key to using this tip is finding the right journalists that regularly write about the topic you’ve touched on. Nearly every trade industry will have publications that are looking for a specific story, so taking the time to carefully source for a relevant request is crucial. 


Using Content That Already Exists


If you’ve already produced high quality content that’s full of interesting facts about your company or industry, this can act as a gold mine of content for link building. To really hook journalists into using your content, try and tweak your article so that it’s based around a national day or seasonal event so that it’s extremely relevant and convenient for the journalist to use. Just some of the calendar based resources that you can use for this include 10Yetis, Days of The Year and the National Day Calendar.


Try and also think broadly about your media outlets. Is there a chance that something that’s already been published could be of use to another publication or journalist request? If you’re producing high quality content, this is likely the case. This is especially relevant if you’ve created content on a trending or viral topic. 


Using Regional Outlets For Local Stories 


Not every story needs to be a national one. Regional publications really love a local story, so communicating with local journalists is a great way to get your brand known in the area while building relationships with local publications. Taking advantage of networking events in your surrounding area is also a wonderful way to potentially meet local journalists or to get your business featured in a news article. 


Contacting Journalists for PR Opportunities 


Wondering how to outreach to journalists and publications? Firstly, make sure you’re researching people that will be interested in the content that you’ve produced, or who have published articles on similar content in the past. Once you’ve gathered their contact information and feel ready to begin communicating, make sure that the subject line is short and straight to the point, whilst also grabbing the attention of the reader. Ensuring that you include the name of the journalist, what the article is about and why they would be interested in publishing it is a great way to personalise each individual email. Ultimately, using a friendly tone that is straight to the point is the best method of getting your message across. 


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