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Why Heatmapping is an Invaluable Marketing Tool

by Jamie MacKenzie

Mar 11, 2019,

Peaky Digital Nottingham Agency

Heatmapping software is a valuable marketing and analysis tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. The results of heatmapping can help you spot opportunities for improving your website, test theories you may have and provide invaluable insights about user behaviour.

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What Is Heatmapping?

Heatmapping is a form of software that compiles user interactions and behaviours on your website and turns them into an image that shows ‘heat’. The more a user has interacted with a particular area or element, the ‘warmer’ the colour.


What Different Types Of Heatmaps Can You Use?

There are several different types of heatmaps you can generate, and each provide a different set of data from which to draw recommendations. The main types of heatmaps are:

  • See how far users have scrolled down a page.
  • See where users have clicked on page.
  • Track the aggregation of movements of users on each page.


Why Is Heatmapping Useful?

The data gathered from heatmapping is invaluable for improving the performance of your website. Just by gathering data on the ways your audience interact with your landing pages, you can spot opportunities and gain valuable insights. Some examples of the way this data can be used include:

  • Understanding where the fold is on a website page. The ‘fold’ of a website is the screen that the user sees when they first click on to the site. Anything ‘below the fold’ requires the user to scroll down to view. You may have some key messaging or buttons that you want people to see immediately.
  • Is key information being ignored? Is there a key element on your site that users are failing to interact with? You may be surprised by the menu items and buttons on each page that get the most interaction.
  • Are your users trying to click on un-clickable elements? You may have a logo, image or line of text that looks like it links to another page, causing users frustration when they click on it without further information loading.
  • Understand how far down customers usually scroll. Not all customers will scroll down to the bottom of a page – in fact the majority rarely do. If you can see where on the page you lose each percentage of visitors, you can understand how to prioritise important information.
  • See the difference in device behaviour. Are mobile and desktop users interacting in completely different ways? You can tailor the experience by device.
  • Are elements distracting people? Less important information may be distracting customers from your focussed messaging.


What Else Does Heatmapping Software Offer?

Your heatmapping software can offer a variety of additional useful features that can be used to optimise your website. These include:

  • Set up a pathway of landing pages and see the percentage drop-off in this journey. This is particularly useful in understanding things like the checkout process – are people dropping out of the conversion funnel on a particular page, like Shipping & Delivery?
  • Install a poll on your website to gather data from users.
  • Video recordings. Record an individual user’s time spent browsing on the site, to see exactly how they behave, including their mouse movements.
  • Install forms on your website.
  • Ask a survey question about the website which users can answer. A useful example of this is to ask questions like ‘did you find everything you were looking for’ or ‘was the website easy to navigate’ to gain valuable insights on how you could improve the user-experience.


Use Heatmapping On Your Website Today

For help implementing and analysing the data from your heatmapping software, get in touch with our team today. Our services include installation and monitoring of software and consultation based on the data from your campaigns. Contact our team today!

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