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4 Ways To Boost Your Digital Marketing This Christmas

by India Gumbley

Dec 4, 2018

christmas marketing

If you are looking to boost your digital marketing efforts this Christmas, now is the time to start. There are a number of ways that digital marketing strategies can be updated for the festive period, four of which are listed below.


Boost Your Digital Marketing This Christmas

  • Use Christmas PPC Keywords – Though you may have successful PPC campaigns up and running, it’s important to update them over the Christmas period. For example, rather than simply focusing on ‘children’s toys’ you can work on adding ‘buy Christmas toys’ into your PPC campaign. Rather than simply selling ‘phone accessories’, market your items as ‘festive phone accessories’ and tap in to those who are shopping for Christmas gifts. The keywords that are popular throughout December are different to those that are popular throughout the rest of the year, as everyone is focused on getting ready for the holidays.


  • Use Christmas Images and Graphics – It’s important that anyone who visits your website knows that you are gearing up for Christmas, as they are more likely to look for deals and promotions. Using Christmas images and graphics is a great way to do this, as they are eye catching and up to date. For example, you could swap your logo for a festive version.


  • Offer Free Delivery – If you want to encourage people to choose your online shop over your competitors, consider offering free delivery. It’s something that can hugely sway whether or not someone makes a purchase. Though it’ll only save a shopper a small amount of money overall, it’s likely to put you ahead of other businesses. Free delivery can turn a lead into a sale.


  • Continue Marketing After Christmas – A lot of businesses give up on digital marketing after Christmas, assuming that the big rush is over. However, this could result in you missing out on a number of leads and sales. After Christmas, continue to offer deals and special offers. People are still off work and looking to treat themselves, especially if they have some of their Christmas budget left over.


It doesn’t matter whether you need help updating your PPC campaigns or you need festive graphics, the Peaky Digital team are here to help. You can count on us to boost your digital marketing this Christmas. We have a wide range of digital marketing services available, including social media marketing and SEO. To find out more about our digital marketing services, get in touch.

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