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SEO Agency for Shopify

Bespoke Marketing Services for businesses using Shopify.

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SEO Agency for Shopify Overview

With its wide variety of SEO features on hand, Shopify has proven to be a worthy tool for eCommerce businesses everywhere. With the right optimisations, your Shopify website could go from underperforming to success thanks to the help of our SEO Shopify experts. Turn your Shopify website into the centerpiece of your business.

Enlist the help of the SEO Experts for your Shopify Store

With a whole host of different eCommerce sites to choose from, we wouldn’t blame you for landing on Shopify. Endless SEO features and an easy to use system has resulted in over 1 million Shopify stores being created. This does raise the question – how do you stand out from the crowd with so much competition?

Our team of SEO Experts are a dab hand at analysing Shopify stores and determining what you need to beat out your competitors. Whether it’s a useability issue or a technical fix, our team is ready to slingshot your site towards enhanced online visibility.

Balancing Style and Functionality for your Shopify Store

Your Shopify store should be the embodiment of your brand’s personality and core values. This is why we always suggest optimisations that get the most out of your site, without compromising the design or layout.

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Our Strategy

Why Peaky Digital should be your SEO Agency for Shopify

Choosing the right SEO Agency for Shopify is one you want to get right. Ensuring they understand your brand vision and share your ethos will stand your partnership in good stead for eCommerce success. Having worked on a wide range of Shopify websites for our clients we are well acquainted with all the site builders quirks and features. 

Get in touch to see how we can help elevate your SEO for Shopify.

What we would do as your SEO Agency for Shopify

Our process all begins with auditing your website. By assessing what works and what could be better is the first step in getting your business seen. It is this, along with research and data that we begin to form your strategy.

From here we begin implementing technical fixes and introducing new content of which we have identified as potential areas of improvement for your site. These will not only improve your Shopify store’s health, but also begin to frequent your pages with relevant target keywords.

At the end of the month you can expect accurate and transparent reports showing you how your site has performed throughout the month. Mixing both Google Analytics and Keyword Movement, you are able to gain great visibility into how your site is performing.

Genuine Growth for real Shopify Clients

We’ve worked with a range of great clients who have chosen Shopify to be the home of their business. Why not check out what impact we had on their performance?

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