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Falling under the SEO umbrella, Local SEO is an impressive technique that increases your business’ exposure on a local level. It does so by escalating your ranking on all major search engines and thus making your website far more visible to potential clients and customers. Specifically engineered to target your local audience by focusing on local keyword search, local links, content creation and more, this is a powerful tool not to be underestimated. Local SEO can be undertaken on a basic level but is infinitely more effective in the hands of experts building a comprehensive and well rounded Local SEO campaign. At peaky digital we can utilise this technique to drive your business through local leads resulting in local sales. Together we can achieve this outcome if it’s the first time you have employed Local SEO or by upgrading existing Local SEO.



The Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO is essential for any business in this day and age as the internet continues to be so prevalent. The increase in the popularity of Local SEO is due to the substantial benefits that it offers to those that exploit it, to name but a few.


  • It Creates Superior Web Presence – When Local SEO is employed mass amounts of local traffic are directed to your website. As one local search is directed the validity of your website is verified through multiple different means, subsequently another local search is more likely to follow suit. The aforementioned process then crates a “snowball” like affect and the local website presence becomes greater and greater as time goes by. This Cycle does wonders for brand recognition and authority within the local business arena. Not to mention having a direct impact on how your competitors are performing in the same geographical area.


  • It Directly Increases Sales Revenue – Local searches are statistically more likely to result in a purchase. This is universally accepted and cannot be overlooked. Through Local SEO more local leads are generated, simply meaning your business sales revenue will increase due to the high conversion rate. This high conversion is, amongst other things, due to locality. Operating a business close to customers holds its advantages for both parties, namely convenience. The convenience factor leads to repeat business again increasing sales revenue.


  • It Yields Unrivaled Return on Investment – Investment in this particular technique is crucial yet it doesn’t come at a cost relative to its return, the return is far greater. The time input is minimal when comparing to other arms of your marketing strategy yet it forms a substantial part of your campaign. In addition the cost input can be lower than that of more traditional method such as entries into directories, direct mail, advertisements or broadcasts. The accuracy of this technique is what really boosts its return on investment. This strategy is based purely on factual and correct information meaning it is highly effective and there very little wastage of resources; time, energy or money.


Local SEO at Peaky Digital

Here at Peaky Digital, our expertise enable us to make the most of Local Search Engine Optimisation. As digital marketing experts we understand the importance of Local SEO within Digital marketing as a whole. We also understand that it is likely other marketing techniques are already in place; therefore we would like to highlight the compatibility of this technique and its effectiveness in conjunction with or alongside other digital marketing strategies. Peaky Digital can offer unmatched Local SEO for business of all scales. To find out more about Local SEO or any of our other services, get in touch. Contact Peaky Digital today on 0115 9775 461 or via the online contact form.

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SEO strategy

We can help you define your SEO objectives and develop a strategy to help you appear for the keywords that will meet your objectives.

Keyword and Marketing Research

This is key to any strategy we create. It’s key to look at the competitiveness of a term, the volume of searches and seasonality to allow us to identify opportunity within your market.

Technical SEO Audit

We can provide you with an audit that outlines any technical issues on your website such as duplicate content, HTML/text ratio, meta descriptions, page titles etc. Even better, we can correct these issues for you to give you the best chance at success.

Link Building

‘Link building’ encompasses a variety of expertise including content marketing, outreach and PR in order to get people talking about your brand as well as sending the right signals to Google. We can mine your competitor backlinks to see where they’re gaining their ‘link juice’ from and see if we can replicate the same for your website.

Content Marketing

Creating captivating content is key to your website. This can drive people to your website as well as keep people on your website. Creating blog posts and publications as well as press releases can really take your visibility to new heights.



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