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Microsoft Ads —

Microsoft Ads

Supercharge your paid channels with Microsoft Advertising, an extremely effective SEM tool. Capture the hearts of your audiences and get your PPC singing in tune with your digital strategy – seamlessly.

More than

4 million

Customers used Bing Ads in 2023

Microsoft Ads Overview

For your eCommerce or B2B business, Microsoft Ads presents a wealth of opportunities. Like Google Ads, it uses PPC to deliver targeted, high-quality ads to the audiences that matter.

With us, Microsoft Ads is more than just a Google clone. We leverage its strengths to complement your paid advertising strategy, boosting your reach and revenue by tapping into the Microsoft Search Network’s wealth of unique users.

Influential Paid Advertising

An estimated 49 million desktop users aren’t reached on Google, but are instead ripe with opportunity through strategic Microsoft Advertising campaigns. We leverage that opportunity, expanding your reach and making your SEM work harder for you.

Whatever your business size or budget, our packages are highly flexible to meet your needs. Sound good? Let’s get started…

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Our Strategy

Let’s get down to biscuits. How do we do it?

Granular keyword targets & campaign themes

Our PPC expertise enables us to build bespoke campaigns within highly strategised, granular content pillars. This is backed by our industry-leading keyword research and data-led content creation, ensuring you’re appearing for the right search terms and capturing the right audiences.

Sync your campaigns with Google Ads

Already running campaigns in Google Ads? We can sync them with the Microsoft Ads platform to ensure total alignment, taking the reach of your most successful campaigns to new horizons.

By continuously optimising campaigns across all your platforms, we help you achieve parity with your SEM management.

Full-funnel targeting

The content funnels occupied by your ad campaigns are more than just placeholders; they’re rich with opportunity, and we mine them continuously to ensure their potential is reached.

To do this, we strategically map your targeted keywords and utilise multiple campaign formats for maximum coverage. Ongoing optimisation ensures each funnel is always achieving its best.

Tap into a world of high-intent shoppers, reach new audiences and increase sales

Start your new partnership with us today and leverage the next generation of marketing platforms.

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What We Offer

People are searching for what you have to sell. The problem is that if they don’t find you they can’t buy from you… and that’s costing you money (and a heap of frustration).

Strategies & Onboarding

We conduct new keyword research and create your Microsoft Ads strategy from the ground up, or translate it from your existing Google Ads campaigns to ensure a frictionless transition.

Monthly Management & Reporting

With our conversion tracking setup, we monitor and report on the key data each month, giving you oversight of how your campaigns are performing.

Audits & Consultancy

Through a full performance review, we analyse your campaign performance and provide recommendations for improvement, giving you ongoing support on how to achieve it.

Platform Training

Get tailored support and training from our PPC experts, equipping you and your team for success with Microsoft Advertising.