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Forever Cornwall

Taking their account to the next level through fresh eyes and new ideas



Increase in CTR

The Challenge

After running ads on Google for almost 10 years, Forever Cornwall were looking for fresh eyes and new ideas to take their account to the next level. Not only were they looking for improved performance, but they needed strong communication and transparency from their agency.

Key Marketing Challenges

Since Covid, the way people book holidays has changed and after a period of booming stay-cations, Forever Cornwall needed to realign their strategy. We identified three key challenges:

  1. The market is currently over saturated with holiday lets and stay-cation options – A report by AirDNA outlines how the supply of holiday lets is at its highest level ever with a huge range of stay-cation options available – from houses, cottages, and apartments to unique stays like tree houses and yurts.
  2. Consumer behaviour has shifted towards last minute bookings – a report by AirDNA shows that last-minute bookings emerged as a new consumer behaviour. In previous years, we saw people booking their holidays at the beginning of the year, but iIn 2023 guests were booking later than ever. This meant that March 2023 saw fewer new bookings than March 2019, but May-August all saw higher booking activity than pre-pandemic.
  3. Conversion tracking has been a stumbling block – Due to the functionality of the booking platform in use on the Forever Cornwall website, they have been unable to successfully set up tracking in the past.

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Forever Cornwall

Our Strategy

A data-driven PPC strategy influenced by historical data with campaigns that focus on increasing bookings in key areas and an increased search impression share. 

Bringing the Solution to Life

  1. Campaigns for key areas – With key property areas for Forever Cornwall, we designed a strategy with individual campaigns that focused on these key locations and drove bookings where they were needed most. We were able to utilise location specific ad copy to drive a high CTR from those with a high booking intent.
  2. Increase Google Ads presence  – With such a saturated market, we needed to focus on improving the account’s search impression share while working with a restricted budget. Within our strategy we focused on condensing the campaigns and ensuring that we were only spending money on high relevance keywords.
  3. Seasonal Campaigns during off-peak periods – With seasonality meaning an inevitable drop during the winter period, we needed to be creative with our messaging & build winter & christmas campaigns targeting those looking to escape for a cosy trip in Cornwall.
  4. Working with the client to establish clear KPI’s and trackable conversions – Due to the functionality of the booking platform and the percentage commission system in place, we were unable to get clear revenue tracked. Due to this, we worked with the client to establish clear conversion parameters and got these set up.
  5. Six monthly reviews – Every six months Peaky provide transparent and detailed performance reports that outline key findings, achievements, and recommendations for future campaigns. By conducting these every six months we can ensure that our strategy is changing as the industry and booking behaviour changes.

The Results

We pride ourselves on working exhaustively to a set of clearly defined values. These values are established and delivered by our passionate team in every aspect of the work we do, allowing us to achieve the results we strive for. If you want to learn how we can help you reach new peaks, fill out the contact form below!


Increase in Click Through Rate


Increase in Search Impression Share

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