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Wanderlust Life

Expanding existing PPC campaigns and boosting performance



Return on ad spend

The Challenge

Wanderlust Life Jewellery offers a beautiful selection of understated jewellery that is primarily designed and handmade in Braunton, Devon. With a great brand and a stable following already established, the team at Wanderlust Life have been eager to expand their PPC efforts and reach a wider audience through generic searches and the new ideas that Peaky Digital can offer.

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Wanderlust Life

Our Strategy

Wanderlust Life Jewellery already had existing PPC campaigns targeting only their brand name. We started with an account analysis to make the most of their pre-existing customer insights and see what areas have shown to be profitable. We also investigated their tracking which was recording the same conversions multiple times through Google Ads and skewing their results. 

Once this was resolved, we began our own research to identify new keyword themes and areas that we wanted to build on and experiment with. These insights were used to create several tailored search campaigns and multiple shopping campaigns focusing on both branded and generic keywords. 

We were keen to maintain their brand campaigns in order to keep their brand above the fold and compete with other brands bidding on their name

The Results

Building upon their previous PPC activity, Paid Search generated a ROAS of 9.86 from a conversion rate of 5.58%. We also saw a 100% increase in conversions from generic searches and a 54.19% decrease in search lost due to their rank.


Conversion Rate


Decrease In Search Lost Due To Rank


Increase In Conversions From Generic Searches

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