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Introducing an established product in European markets to a UK audience for the first time.



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The Challenge

Loacker approached Peaky Digital to help introduce their already popular product to the UK market for the first time. They were looking for an agency that could help to promote their product with the help of PPC and Social Media Marketing strategies.

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Our Strategy

Loacker have been successful in the European market for years, just needing the help from our team to kickstart their UK marketing campaigns with insight into the UK audience.

Our Paid Social Media and PPC teams came up with initial strategies for advertising platforms Facebook, Instagram and Google (Search, display and YouTube). Based on these initial strategies our teams built and launched an omnichannel campaign.

Once phase one of our campaigns completed we put together comprehensive performance reviews that gave us valuable insights into audience behaviour across all channels, allowing us to enter phase two of our campaigns with a data-led approach.

Phase two introduced TikTok advertising to target a younger demographic, whilst complementing brand awareness campaigns running across Facebook and Instagram.

The Results

Partnering with internationally recognised brand Loacker we delivered a phased campaign achieving over 22 million impressions across campaign formats including Search, Display and YouTube.


Average Cost Per Click For The Account As A Whole


Impressions Across All Campaigns


Click Engagements Through To The Website

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