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Essential Ayurveda

Implementing a game plan for reaching a greater digital audience.



Increase In PPC Conversion Rate

The Challenge

Essential Ayurveda initially approached Peaky Digital for a PPC campaign only utilising the search network. After starting to see results, we then branched out to Google Shopping, the Display Network and email, which is where we really started to drive strong ROI.

Thereafter, focus shifted towards building their presence on organic social media, with powerful creative assets and a refreshed strategy.

The key objectives were:

  • Scale up spend significantly whilst improving ROI
  • Deliver large quantities of engaged traffic
  • Help Essential Ayurveda to hit overall revenue targets
  • Drive website traffic through their social media profiles

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Essential Ayurveda

Our Strategy


When we took over Essential Ayurveda’s PPC account, we identified several issues which were hindering the brand’s performance. Namely, broad match keywords were eating up a large amount of the brand’s spend and driving very few conversions. We removed all broad match keywords and built out the account to include product ad groups.

In addition to this, individual ad groups were set up for each of the products sold via the online store. This meant that all queries, generic or highly specific, were met with relevant ads which directed the searcher to the most suitable landing page.

Once we started seeing returns from the Google search network, we expanded the campaign to Google Shopping. With the Merchant Feed robustly set up, we worked towards pulling Essential Ayurveda’s entire product range into the Shopping results.

This initial step had two goals in mind. On the one hand, it allowed us to check that the Merchant Feed was generating search volume, and on the other, it enabled us to gather insights into which product categories were generating the most quality clicks.

Based on the results attained, we refined the campaign and distributed the budget to accommodate the bestperforming areas.


Organic Social:

Our goal with enhancing Essential Ayurveda’s social media presence was to create a more holistic experience for their users. To do this, we carried out top-to-bottom optimisation of their profile, incorporating new forms of content into their regular posts to drive greater engagement. 

This included producing Reels to increase organic reach and shifting focus away from conversion-focused marketing materials, instead capitalising on their community.

We produced new brand templates to enhance the aesthetic of their social content, amounting to a light rebrand that captured the hearts and minds of their audience.

The Results

Through our personalised email strategy and social media overhaul, we were able to increase PPC revenue by 152% and PPC traffic by 24%. Overall, this strategy increased PPC conversion rates by 104%, while their social media reach expanded by 706%.


Increase In PPC Conversion Rate


Increase In PPC Revenue


increase In PPC traffic (with the same budget)


increase in accounts reached


increase in post engagement


increase in followers


increase in direct revenue from organic social


increase in website users via social media

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