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Email Marketing: Design Best Practices Whitepaper

The potential email marketing possesses makes it undoubtedly one of the most underrated marketing channels, especially when you take into consideration all the facts.

The purpose of this whitepaper:

Successful Email Marketing isn’t as simple as sending out an email to remind customers who you are and what you offer; your content needs to give people a compelling reason to visit your website and start that consumer journey. This whitepaper will provide you with all the tools you need to optimise your campaigns to support your businesses growth.

This whitepaper will cover: 

What is good content and how to achieve it

Email design best practises

The importance of personalisation

Audience segmentation and deliverability

Why A/B testing should be a core part of your strategy

Email Design Best Practises

  1. Subject Lines – how to capture the attention of your subscribers in a crowded inbox
  2. How to structure your email content for success – the ingredients needed to create a killer campaign.
  3. Good Call-to-action buttons make the difference  – ways to spice up your CTA game and increase CTR.

Take advantage of Email Marketing’s huge potential

Still unsure about how to maximise your Email Marketing efforts? We’d love to hear from you. Peaky Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency that offers email marketing (and more) to ecommerce clients. If you’re looking to action all the above points into your own campaigns and are looking for that added professional touch, contact us today to find out more.