Not just a buzzword, Digital Strategy should be the heart of your marketing campaign


Everyone’s talking digital strategy these days and it’s become a bit of a buzzword! At Peaky Digital we know that there are many elements that make up a digital strategy, and we know how to put them all into place to help our clients be brilliant online.

Defining a digital strategy is at the forefront of any project we undertake. This allows us to dig deep into your consumers and industry as well as what your competition are doing allowing us to achieve your business objectives with a clear strategy to drive ROI.

After taking the time to understand your business, we create a strategy that ensures every channel is working towards the same goals.

We dig deep into your market through market research, competitor analysis, user testing and marketing audits to provide an actionable strategy. We’ll give you the data to implement major improvements to your digital and marketing activities, and we’ll help you build a marketing calendar and content strategy geared towards outstanding results.

“Peaky Digital have helped optimise our PPC campaigns, creating new opportunities to get new customers to the website. As a result, we’ve seen a decrease in our bounce rate, an increase in our click through rate and have a more tailored campaign.”

Phil Elliott

Director, GymWear

See Our Results For Yourself


With all the digital marketing companies out there, we know it’s hard to know who to trust your campaigns with so don’t be shy to ask to see the results we’ve generated for our clients, or even speak to them to hear it first hand!

If you want to get things started with Peaky Digital, we start by auditing your digital marketing activity to date. We look at what’s worked with your target audience, and what’s not. More specifically, where are you getting the best cost-per-acquisition, and how can we improve on that? We explore everything you’ve been doing, and thoroughly benchmark you against your competitors


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Whether your have a campaign up and running or this is all new to you, we would be delighted to have a chat with you about how your business can reach new heights with some Peaky magic. Get in touch now.