What Does Web Support Involve?

When it comes to running a business online or having a website, there’s a lot to consider. Even once the website is up and running, it needs ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure it’s working well. After all, nobody wants a website that isn’t doing its job.

However, unless you have undergone specific training and have a lot of knowledge surrounding the complexities of a website, you’re unlikely to know how to fix a problem. This is where web support comes in. Web support allows you to sit back and relax, knowing everything is being taken care of at all times.

We offer website support to those who don’t want the stress of having to maintain a website themselves, as well as those that don’t have the time or skill to deal with website errors. Though ‘web support’ is a broad term, popular services include:

  • Updating and maintaining a website. This refers to adding new product listings, updating content and maintaining its general use.
  • Managing a website and any potential errors, such as repairing broken links and ensuring all pages load well.
  • Ensuring a website is online and functioning at all times, taking action when it’s not.
  • Managing website hosting, as well as reducing downtime if a problem were to arise.
  • Taking care of updates and the backend of the website.
  • Answering any queries and questions, no matter how simple it may seem.

Everyone will need something slightly different from their web support service, which is why we try to be as flexible as possible. In short, our web support team take care of everything you need us to.

Web Support at Peaky Digital

Thanks to our skilled and knowledgeable team at Peaky Digital, we’re able to offer a range of web support services. Whether you’re looking for a team to take care of everything so you don’t have to or you simply need a little assistance here and there, we can help.

At Peaky Digital we understand that not everyone understands the more complex side of the web and that’s okay, if you’re not sure where one problem starts and another begins you’re not alone. In fact, most businesses have a web support team on hand.

Our web support services extend as far and wide as you need them to; from managing and maintaining websites to overseeing hosting matters, you can count on us. To find out more about Web Support at Peaky Digital, get in touch and talk to a member of the team.

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