Why Use Smartphone and Tablet Apps?

Today, smartphones and tablets are used just as much as desktop computers, with a large percentage of online browsing being conducted from a mobile device.

Whether it’s connecting with friends or finding a local business, most people simply pick up their phone and browse away. This means that businesses and entrepreneurs need to appeal to the mobile market through smartphone and mobile apps. When using a smaller device it isn’t always easy to navigate through a complex website; this is where apps come in.

Though customers and clients do still use desktop computers and desktop websites, a large number use the internet exclusively from their smartphones and tablets. Applications offer a lot that desktop websites do not.

  • Smartphone and tablet apps are optimised so that they work well on smaller screens. This removes any of the annoyance that comes with using a desktop website on a smartphone, such as images not resizing and a lot of unnecessary scrolling.
  • Applications offer a quick and easy way for mobile users to use a service. For example, a number of banks offer apps to their customers to make online banking easy from their smartphones. Similarly, a lot of restaurants and takeaways provide a mobile app so that customers can place an order quickly. It is this ease and speed of use that appeals to mobile users.
  • A business with a dedicated app is viewed as being a one that’s aware of the changing business world. Rather than being seen as falling behind competitors, those with a mobile application stand out as offering something modern.

App development is no easy task, which is why we have experts on hand at Peaky Digital to take care of everything. By keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends, we’re able to ensure our developments meet the high standard that you’re used to seeing from other apps.

App Development at Peaky Digital

Our mobile application development team work with you to understand your business and ideas, then they design and create the perfect app. Throughout the app development process Peaky Digital keep you informed and updated with everything that’s going on and you’re free to be as involved as you want to be; if you have ideas and visions, we want to hear about them.

Whether you’re in need of an app for customers or you have a new product you want to launch, we’re able to help. Get in touch today to find out more about Peaky Digital’s app developments.

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