Development services

We spend time getting to know your business and objectives. Only when we’ve completed our discovery stage will we develop and then execute the most engaging and robust strategies for your business. Our transparent reporting measures the progress, giving you insights to help make the right decisions.

This data-driven, client-centric approach means we achieve some sensational results. But equally important, with the digital landscape continually evolving, we evolve with it.

App Development

Today, smartphones and tablets are used just as much as desktop computers, with a large percentage of online browsing being conducted from a mobile device

Web Design

At Peaky Digital, we offer web design services to businesses of any size. So, whether you’re a brand new start up or an established business with an existing ecommerce presence, we’re able to provide you with the very best website.


Without hosting, a website is useless. Hosting is the driving force behind putting your website online where customers, clients and others can see it.

Web Support

When it comes to running a business online or having a website, there’s a lot to consider. Even once the website is up and running, it needs ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure it’s working well.