How Does Video & Photography Benefit a Business?

With the rise of the digital world and social media there are now new and exciting ways that professionals are appealing to their audience, one of which is through photos and videos. A lot of businesses are now using video and photography and it works extremely well. Whether it’s a marketing video to host on Facebook or images for a product launch, imagery catches a person’s eye and engages them in what you need to say.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing photos and videos online. This increase is largely down to the way that smartphones, tablets and computers have become a key part of everyone’s day to day life. There are many different ways that videos and photos can be used as part of a marketing strategy, such as:

  • Rather than simply being added onto a business website, videos are being used across a much wider platform. For example, videos for a company can now be found on websites, social media, YouTube and even as part of an email marketing campaign. Within seconds, a message can be communicated on a large scale.
  • With a lot of competition online, it’s important for a business to use high quality images in all areas. This includes product listings, website design, graphic design, brochures, flyers and staff profiles.
  • Videos are ideal for those who are looking to market a new product or want to inform their audience. Not only is a video an effective way to convey information, but if it’s creative it’lll capture the audience’s attention for the duration.

Photos and videos are versatile, so there’s no limit as to how and where they can be used. Through our experience working with a range of business, we’re able to tackle any project.

Video & Photography at Peaky Digital

At Peaky Digital, we have a fantastic team of photographers and videographers on hand to assist with any photography or video need; including specialists who work with animated video and video production. With so many businesses turning to video and photography as a way to market a product or service, it’s important that only the best makes the cut; that means high quality images and flawlessly shot videos.

Our creative team work closely with you to create a brief that ticks all of the boxes, then they put it into action. Using high quality equipment and the latest technology, Peaky Digital can make your vision a reality. To find out more about Video & Photography, get in touch and talk to one of the Peaky Digital team.

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