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Expanding ISOtunes' Market Reach



Increase in Revenue

The Challenge

ISOtunes approached Peaky Digital intending to expand their reach within relevant target audiences, such as those in the trade industry and fans of sports shooting, to sell industrial noise cancelling headphones. This expansion needed to cover both Germany and the UK.

Overcoming Obstacles

During the expansion effort, ISOtunes faced significant challenges with the migration of their EU site, alongside issues with the EU Merchant Centre not working correctly. These obstacles hindered their ability to effectively run shopping ads in Germany and limited their reach within the targeted markets.


Key Marketing Challenges

When ISOtunes approached us to scale their online presence, their competitive landscape presented some challenges:


Competitive Landscape

In the saturated tech market, it was crucial to highlight the unique selling points (USPs) of ISOtunes’ products to stand out from numerous competitors.


Site Migration and Merchant Centre Issues

The migration of the EU site and malfunctioning EU Merchant Centre posed technical difficulties that needed to be resolved to facilitate effective advertising.


Target Audience Engagement

Reaching and engaging relevant audiences within both the trade industry and sports shooting community required precise targeting and tailored messaging.

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Services Provided


Our Strategy

Our experts worked with ISOtunes to design and implement a strategy that would generate brand awareness and drive engagement.

Establishing Focuses

Worked with ISOtunes to identify key focus areas for upcoming campaigns and aspects of the business to highlight within our ad strategies.

Account Restructuring

We restructured both the UK and EU accounts, creating dedicated Performance Max campaigns. These campaigns utilised relevant audience signals to target users within the desired characteristics effectively.

Tailored Ad Copy

To highlight ISOtunes’ brand USPs, we developed tailored ad copy that resonated with the target audiences, emphasising the unique benefits and features of their noise-cancelling headphones.

Merchant Centre Fixes

Our team fixed the issues with the EU Merchant Centre, enabling ISOtunes to run shopping ads in Germany and reach the intended market.

The Results

From an analysis of the first 6 months of management, we observed the following outcomes:


Increase in YoY Revenue


6.61% Increase in YoY Conversions


Return On Ad Spend

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