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Sash Windows

Adopting an omnichannel approach by incorporating Paid and Organic Socials while simultaneously enhancing existing search strategies.



Increase in Traffic from PPC Campaigns

The Challenge

Sash Windows were looking for a trusted agency to scale their presence online,  provide a strategic approach that will help them achieve their goals, and generate long-term, consistent growth for the business.

Key Marketing Challenges

  1. Creating a high volume or quality leads for the team to pursue.
  2. Identifying new opportunities to drive direct traffic which is ready to convert.
  3. Scaling the steady steam of traffic from organic search
  4. Widening the audience at TOF avoiding growing stagnant in reach

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Sash Windows

Our Strategy

Designing a Solution

Adopting an omnichannel approach by incorporating Paid and Organic Socials while simultaneously enhancing existing search strategies.

Targeting audiences in specific areas of service with messaging of experience, quality and product availability.

  1. Create and update strong social media profiles across meta
  2. Launching paid social campaigns that are engaging, with strong USPS and product imagery to widen the reach of their audience.
  3. Reformatting Paid search campaigns to better utilise the ad spend.

Bringing the Campaign to Life

Our experts worked with Sash Windows to develop a strategy that would widen their audience and grow the volume of enquiries they were receiving through the site.

  1. Audit and Optimise – Creating strategies led by historical data and an analysis of previous performance was the foundation of our work.
  2. Streamlining Paid Search Campaigns – Reviewing campaign structures, keywords, location targeting and messaging to maximise efficiency.
  3. Securing the SEO Fundamentals – Addressing KW canabalisation, improving ranking for core Keywords and improving the user experience of the site.
  4. Scaling – With the fundamentals in place, attention turned to scaling conversions and presence with the addition of new channels.
  5. Paid Social Remarketing – Working alongside the other channels to drive users further down the conversion funnel.
  6. Channel Specific Copy – Ensuring that copy and messaging is appropriate to the channel and the point at which the customer is in their purchase journey.

Ensuring Success

Best-practice is a key consideration at every stage of our campaigns. Here are a few of the ways we ensured the Organic Social campaign could achieve success:

Location page optimisation

Maximising the potential of these pages to be able to increase reach and drive more traffic to the site.

Improving the users experience

Ensuring that once we have users on site, it’s easy fo them to find the information they want and request a quote.

Building on the brand awareness

Implementing a strong organic social presence to support paid campaigns and foster trust.

The Results

We pride ourselves on working exhaustively to a set of clearly defined values. These values are established and delivered by our passionate team in every aspect of the work we do.


Of overall site traffic from Meta Ads


Increase in traffic YoY from PPC Campaigns


Increase in conversions YoY for 2024 so far

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