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Revitalising Steeldeck's Online Presence



Increase in Conversions YoY

The Challenge

Steeldeck approached Peaky Digital with the aim of revitalising their online presence through PPC advertising in order to overcome the challenges stemming from a decline in organic search performance following the launch of their new website.

Overcoming Obstacles

After the launch of their new website aimed at enhancing user experience and streamlining the enquiry process, Steeldeck encountered a notable decline in organic search performance. This led to a decrease in website traffic and enquiries, posing a challenge in maintaining previous levels of online visibility and leads.

Key Marketing Challenges

When Steeldeck approached us to scale their online presence, their competitive landscape presented a number of challenges:

1. Competitive Landscape

One key challenge faced by Steeldeck was navigating the competitive landscape within the stage and seating hire industry, exacerbated by competitors bidding on Steeldeck’s brand name.

2. Organic Search Decline

Due to the lack of repeat purchases, it is essential that the brand targets and reaches new audiences, but this has proved difficult through the existing channels.

3. Outdated Ad Campaigns

Steeldeck’s Google Ads account contained outdated ad campaigns, including formats no longer supported by Google’s advertising platform.

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Services Provided


Our Strategy

Our experts worked with Steeldeck to design and implement a strategy that would generate brand awareness and drive engagement.

Establishing Focuses

Worked with Steeldeck to establish upcoming focuses for our upcoming campaigns and areas of the business to cover within our restructure.

Account Audit

The Peaky team conducted a comprehensive audit of Steeldeck’s existing PPC account to assess account structure, campaign settings, and performance metrics. From this, we created a tailored strategy detailing new campaign focuses and structure.

Campaign Setup

Our specialists developed a well-organised campaign structure with clearly defined ad groups and targeting parameters to ensure relevancy and maximise ad performance.

Campaign Management

The Peaky Digital team  monitor campaign performance metrics to identify areas for improvement and make optimisations in order to enhance performance.

Quarterly Reviews

Every three months Peaky provide transparent and detailed performance reports to Steeldeck, outlining key findings, achievements, and recommendations for future campaign optimisation.

The Results

We pride ourselves on working exhaustively to a set of clearly defined values. These values are established and delivered by our passionate team in every aspect of the work we do, allowing us to achieve the results we strive for. If you want to learn how we can help you reach new peaks, fill out the contact form below!


Percentage of traffic driven by Steeldeck’s PPC advertisements. Traffic from Google Ads made up over 43% of all users driven to the Steeldeck site.


Increase in conversions YoY. Steeldeck’s campaigns generated an increase of 88.82% in conversions in comparison to the previous year.


Search campaign Click Through Rate. Google Ads average click through rate in the UK is 2.69%. Campaigns performed 334.57% above this.

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