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Marketing trends to look out for in Q2 2023

by Charlotte Moyle

Mar 28, 2023

Marketing Trends to Look Out For in Q2 2023 pink peaky banner

As we head into Q2 2023 we will be seeing some new digital marketing trends begin to appear. Keeping an eye on relevant marketing trends as you begin to form your marketing strategies is necessary to ensure the success of your upcoming marketing campaigns, so what can you expect from marketing trends as we step into Q2?

At Peaky Digital we have found some of the upcoming digital marketing trends that you should keep your eye on for optimised content.


AI Content Marketing

With the fast pace that AI is evolving it is appearing more and more in content marketing. As AI technology that can create articles and blog posts are now out there for the mass public you can expect to see more AI-generated copy floating around.

Using AI-generated content has been gaining popularity, however google has created a system that automatically flags low-quality content, which tends to include AI-generated content, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a useful tool for those working in content-driven marketing roles.

Using AI as a starting point, removing that blank page fear to help you kickstart your content, from blog posts, PPC ad copy and social media content. Once you have a bulk amount of copy you can edit and rework it to align with your brand, altering tone of voice and paragraph structure to ensure that the content you are putting out is unique to your business and provides quality information.


Quality Content will Reign Supreme

Following on from AI content and the need to edit and rework AI-generated content is the fact that consumers are now looking for quality over quantity when it comes to the content they are looking to consume.

Whilst previously the frequency of your content will have been key to reaching your target audience, but as businesses focused on pushing out a lot of content the quality may have suffered. Q2 will see this flipped on its head as quality content becomes the main focus of content marketing, realigning your brand with quality work.

To create quality content you need to be aware of your audience, who they are and what they want from you, tailoring your content accordingly.

It’s time to start creating engaging content that catches the attention of your consumers with a relevant call to action that has them browsing more of your website with internal links that take them to the necessary information they are looking for.


Podcasts are on the rise

Podcasts have been gaining popularity over the years, creating the perfect opportunity for brands to advertise and entertain their audience whilst providing teachable content that encourages people towards their brand.

Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience and to introduce a voice and a face to your brand, making you more familiar with your target consumers. 

Providing relevant content on your podcast can make you a valuable asset, building a strong community of listeners that engage with your content, which can then also help to boost your podcast ratings, bringing more attention to both your podcast and the brand.

Why not check out the Peaky Podcast for more useful marketing ideas and tips?


Shoppable Content

Shoppable content is the ability to add your product to your content, specifically on social media. Shoppable content has been increasing in popularity, allowing consumers to see your product and click through to purchase without having to leave their social media scrolling.

For younger generations, the ability to buy online or through apps has always been the norm, so linking your products to your online content is a great way to capture their attention with quality content that is authentic to your brand.

Just as you would when you create your website content, create content that reflects your brand voice and values that will connect with your audience, adding shoppable links that they can follow or encouraging them to head to your website.


Short-form Video Content for Brand Marketing

With social media platforms like TikTok continuing to rise, short-form video content is becoming more popular across all platforms, including use on websites to advertise your brand to new and returning customers.

Quick content is easy to consume, with most Millennials or Gen Z watching videos less than a minute long before scrolling on. Short-form videos, such as Youtube Shorts, encourage brands to make short, snappy content that finds new and creative ways to capture attention and encourage your audience to continue looking through your content and products due to your brand voice and presence. Authentic content does better with these generations, so keep it short and sweet whilst remaining true to your brand values.

As we move into Q2 in 2023 TikTok and Instagram Reels are still popular, and it doesn’t look like that’s set to change with Instagram starting to favour video content over picture content. Adding a short-form video to your website can familiarise your business with any users, encouraging interactions with your web content, whether they have come to you through excellent SEO or through a social media campaign.


Interactive Content

When creating content heading into Q2 interaction is a key feature you will do well not to forget. Just as with short-form video content, current generations tend to prefer short, quick and interactive content that aligns with shorter attention spans that only connect with those brands, businesses and products that can capture their attention.

Interactive content, whether it’s polls, quizzes, surveys or infographics can all be added to website or blog content to increase interest in your content through encouraged interaction. 

Adding interactive content to your website or social media encourages audience participation, engaging your desired audience and effectively capturing and retaining their attention. Your interactive content could be anything from a survey that helps you to better understand your audience, to fun little polls on your Instagram stories that help them to make positive associations with your company.


Get Ready for Q2 2023 with Peaky Digital

With Q2 almost upon us we understand that keeping on top of the trends is all a part of digital marketing. Speak to some of our marketing specialists today and gain a digital marketing consultancy to help you stay on top.

Our SEO and Organic Social Media teams are knowledgeable about a wide range of website and social media optimisations that work with new and upcoming trends to bring attention to your brand. Check out our full range of services to find exactly what your business needs to start engaging with your target audience, or get in touch with our friendly team today.

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