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Top Tips for Optimising Your Amazon Store’s SEO

by Charlotte Moyle

Jan 17, 2023

Top Tips for Optimising Your Amazon Store's SEO

Marketing your product in this day and age couldn’t be easier if you know how to get extra visibility through Amazon’s thriving marketplace. Amazon is the ideal market for eCommerce sales, with many buyers heading to Amazon before Google to search for what they want.

Unlike Google, Amazon buyers are often searching with the sole intent to buy, which makes it the perfect place to sell your products and reach your target audience.

Amazon SEO refers to the product content you need to upload to Amazon that helps your product pages rank. This content is found on individual product pages and backend of your listing, and includes anything from the product title to the image alt tags.

Ranking on the first page of search results is the ideal place to be when selling on the marketing platform, but it’s not as easy as posting your product and letting the search results do their work – you need to be optimising your content in line with Amazon’s best practices for SEO.

Peaky Digital’s Top Tips for Amazon SEO

We’re big advocates of a strategic approach to SEO, as it can make all the difference when helping prospective customers find your products. To help you get started, here are some top tips on optimising your Amazon listings.

1. Keywords are Key

Keyword research is a must. Exploring key search terms will help you identify what terminology your customers and competitors are using, helping to ensure what you’re writing is aligned with consensus. 

Amazon-specific keywords can be found in multiple ways: you can put your product details into a keyword research tool such as Ahrefs and set it to show Amazon search volume, or you can start by looking through Amazon itself and seeing what terms are suggested when you begin to type a keyword in the search bar. We’d strongly recommend a combination of both methods for best effect.

This should leave you with a list of relevant keywords that are likely to bring a high volume of traffic, deciding which keywords are most important for your product and which you could do without. Next, you will need to include these keywords in your Amazon content, from the title and product description to the image alt tags.

2. Don’t repeat yourself

Avoid repeating keywords and information. Whether you are selling bath bombs or fisherman’s trousers, your list of relevant keywords and information should be concise. 

Repeating yourself uses up a limited character count, whilst also reducing customer interest. It’s very clear when content is written for search engines rather than real people. 

You should be trying to fit as much information and as many relevant keywords into your Amazon SEO optimisations as possible in as few words as you can, without compromising the readability of your product page. This will find the ideal middle ground between being well-optimised and readable.

Amazon character limits are important to stick to. Anything past the recommended character count won’t be crawlable by the Amazon search engine, which is always worth bearing in mind. If you absolutely have to exceed the character limit, make sure the content past the limit is information that can do without being crawled.

3. Optimise your Product Title

Your product title is going to be the first thing buyers see when conducting an Amazon search, which also makes it the first thing the Amazon search engine sees. 

To optimise your product title you should ensure that the title matches that of your product packaging. If there is a product name on your packaging you should be incorporating that into your product title, especially if your customers will search for and recognise that name.

Once again, keywords are key! Incorporating what you believe to be your highest-ranking keyword into your title is a must, but this should be done in a way that does not affect its readability. 

Pick your top-ranking keyword here, and if later on you think you have found a better keyword, it can still be optimised if need be.

4. Use Image Content Effectively

Quality images are a big part of Amazon marketing. They have the power to entice customers with high-quality photographs of your product. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Image alt tags provide alternative text for an image if the image cannot be viewed, describing what the image contains for those viewing the product. Image alt tags are a great place to get any additional, relevant keywords onto your Amazon listing using the 100-character limit to the fullest.

Images are also a great way to get more information onto your product listing without going over the character count in your optimised product description or bullet points.

5. Use Bullet Points in your Product Description

When creating an optimised product description, you will probably want to include a large amount of information about your product, hoping to encourage potential customers to choose your product over any competitors. 

Large bodies of text can be off-putting, so try using bullet points to break up your text, making it manageable and informative to read, whilst still including some of those all-important keywords.

Try including at least five bullet points in your 1,000 character limit to help improve the readability of your content and squeeze as much info as you can into the text field. As always try get ranking keywords into your bulleted list where possible.

Level Up Your Amazon SEO with Peaky Digital

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