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5 Mistakes People Make When Writing Landing Pages


Landing pages are specific web pages that act as a point of entry to your website for users, and are the first thing a visitor will see of your business when they arrive at your domain.

Your consumers will have landed on this page as a result of a specific activity, which can include: pay per click adverts, direct emails, search engine results entry and more. Each landing page has one main goal: to capture audiences’ attention and encourage them to convert or spend more time on your website.

There are many best-practice techniques when it comes to writing landing pages, and many easy mistakes that website owners can make. Here are some of the most common:


Ensure Your Landing Page Has A Call-To-Action

It’s important to direct your users to an action within the main body of content on your page. Audiences need to be told what to do next, so at the end of each landing page don’t leave them with a bulk of information and no clear instructions – give them a call-to-action like ‘book now’ or ‘phone us today’. If you don’t want to give an overly-sales message you can try a call-to-action like ‘find out more’ or ‘learn more today’.

Make sure you include internal linking in your call-to-action so that users can quickly reach the page you are trying to get them to visit. This will also assist with your overall SEO, as it will tell Search Engines that your page is important.

Should I Use Industry Terminology On My Website?

Using complex language that is not user-friendly can put off potential customers. What might seem obvious and self-explanatory to you, can be difficult to understand for someone who has limited expertise in your industry. Most of the time when customers come to you they’re doing so because they have a limited knowledge of your services. When writing you should keep the user in mind at all times. Write your landing page copy as clearly and simply as possible. You can always get someone trusted but unfamiliar with your services (outsourcing to a copywriter if needed) to check over the content for the point-of-view of a person new to your business offering.


Keep Your Headlines Clear

Headlines are the first thing that your visitors see when they arrive on a page and can be a huge factor in deciding whether they stay on or bounce back. Many people skim through pages, and if your headings aren’t clear and don’t communicate the content in an engaging way, you risk losing your audiences attention.

Headlines also offer a great opportunity to help your ranking for SEO. Research search terms and keywords that have a good search volume and low competition. Use these in your headlines and Search Engines will notice them, increasing your visibility online.


Include Detail – But Don’t Overwhelm The Reader

Customers need plenty of information to make an informed choice. Give them as much knowledge as possible to persuade them to convert – if you’re an e-commerce retailer give detailed product specifications. If your business provides a service give customers a detailed view of your business approach and what can they expect if they invest in you. If you’re struggling for content ideas try writing a list of common FAQs that customers might ask and drafting up the responses to these.

However, you need to be cautious with how much you include on your landing pages. You should aim to write 500 words or more for each landing page or blog that you upload, but if you include too much information, or don’t break the text up, it can lead to more confusion. Try to keep information concise and content easy to read.


They Leave Important Information Until Last

Reader drop off rates increase the further down a page progresses, with many viewers never going below the fold (the unseen part of a page on the screen). Make sure your most important information is at the top of the page, so that if a visitor stays on your page for only a brief amount of time they still have enough information about your services to keep them in your sales conversion funnel.

Get Help Writing Your Landing Pages

If you want to focus on running your business, instead of writing content for your website, we can help. Our team of marketing experts can craft content that feels as if it has been written by you in-house. For further support with crafting your landing pages and our specialist recommendations on content best-practice, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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