Why Learn Google Analytics With Peaky Digital?


Peaky Digital help clients to use Google Analytics to make data-led decisions for their brands helping you gain real insight into your customers.

The beauty of digital marketing is – amongst other things – its measurability. With this greater insight comes the ability to refine campaigns and make better business decisions. Reporting on this data in a meaningful way can, however, be tricky. At Peaky Digital we often help clients sort valuable data from data that is less useful using Google Analytics

Analytics is so crucial to ecommerce businesses as well as B2B. Google Analytics will provide you with accurate statistics on visitor numbers, detailed reports on traffic sources and more. You can customise this data in order to help formulate your next marketing strategy.

Understanding what your users want is the key to success. The data collated from analytics allows for a brand to see what is and isn’t working and what can be done to make improvements to drive those crucial conversions, leads and sales.

This course is perfect if you want to uncover ways to help improve the performance of your business and better understand the data that your web analytics tool presents you with.

Understand Your Metrics

Your Analytics are not just an FYI. When read properly, they represent opportunities to engage customers and drive conversions. Learn how to get the most from your reporting and use it to make sales.

Identify Conversion Potential

Use analytics to see what your users are doing and where you could be keeping their attention, preventing bounces or positioning a strong call to action.

Device Optimisation

Discover what devices users are accessing your site on and adjust your strategy to use this information to your advantage, by changing how offers and calls to action are presented.

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Gain Confidence In These Aspects of Analytics And More

  • Introduction to Analytics

  • Mapping business objectives to data

  • Demographic data

  • Device performance and optimisation

  • Goal and event tracking

  • Segmentation

  • Analytics metrics Reporting

  • How to identify conversion potential

  • Multi-channel funnel analysis

  • Engagement analysis

  • Customer journey

  • Funnel and checkout optimisation

  • Campaign optimisation

“We wanted to manage our campaigns in-house but needed to brush up on our skills. Peaky Digital were fab at tailoring a course for a our needs and are always there for ongoing support.”

On The Day

Our Analytics training course provides you with an excellent foundation.If you have limited or no experience of Analytics, our course will allow you to learn all the skills you need to hit the ground running.

Courses run from 9am to 4pm, with breaks for coffee and a “working lunch”. Our goal is to cover as much ground as possible in a balanced and straightforward way that encourages retention and fosters confidence.

How, Where and When?

We schedule all training to suit you and your business. Training is delivered in person at your office, at our offices in Nottingham or Cornwall, or via video conferencing.

£300 + VAT per place