Our 1-day Analytics course is a comprehensive training session that includes the following topics:

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • Introduction to the platform
  • Mapping KPI’s
  • Demographic data
  • Device performance and optimisation
  • Goal and event tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Identifying conversion potential
  • Multi-channel funnel analysis
  • Customer journeys
  • Funnel and checkout optimisation
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Analytics metrics and reporting

Make data-led decisions and gain real insight into the behaviour of your website audience in a course that dives into just why Analytics is vital for online marketing success.

Understand Your Audience

When analysed properly your Analytics data presents an opportunity to define your audience and their behaviours – and turn that information into sales.

Identify Conversion Potential

Use analytics to see what your users are doing and where you could be keeping their attention., then harness your knowledge to improve your website’s conversion potential.

Device Optimisation

Discover which devices users are accessing your site through and adjust your strategy to use this information to your advantage – changing offers and how calls to action are presented.

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    Our 1-day Analytics training course provides you with an excellent foundation. If you have limited or no experience of Analytics, our course will allow you to learn all the skills you need to hit the ground running.

    The beauty of digital marketing is – amongst other things – its measurability. With this greater insight comes the ability to refine campaigns and make better business decisions. Reporting on this data in a meaningful way can, however, be tricky. Analytics is crucial to both ecommerce and B2B businesses. This course is perfect if you want to uncover ways to help improve the performance of your business and better understand the data that your web analytics tool presents you with.

    Our Analytics course runs from 9am to 4pm, with breaks for coffee and a ‘working lunch’. Our goal is to cover as much ground as possible in a balanced and straightforward way that encourages retention and increases confidence. Training is delivered in person at your office or via video conferencing.

    • Introduction to Analytics

    • Mapping business objectives to data

    • Demographic data

    • Device performance and optimisation

    • Goal and event tracking

    • Segmentation

    • Analytics metrics Reporting

    • How to identify conversion potential

    • Multi-channel funnel analysis

    • Engagement analysis

    • Customer journey

    • Funnel and checkout optimisation

    • Campaign optimisation

    Our tailored Analytics training can benefit everyone! Our 1-day Analytics course it aimed at:

    ✔️ Business owners who want to understand the data behind their performance online

    ✔️ Individuals who have a keen interest in digital

    ✔️Website owners who want to understand their audience

    ✔️ In-House teams who want the knowledge to harness data into informed marketing campaigns

    ✔️ Freelance digital marketers looking to expand their skillset


    Our experienced digital trainers deliver an Analytics course that will strengthen your marketing campaigns across all channels. On our course you can expect:

    A Blueprint For Success: understand how to turn your teachings into a roadmap for online success that will inform all of your digital marketing channels.

    Mixed Learning Styles: Our courses cater to all learning types. You can expect a varied mix of presentation, discussion and practical activities that give you hands-on experience navigating the Adwords dashboard.

    Relevant Applications: each Analytics course is tailored to your unique business. That means the examples, key insights, goals and events and more will all be entirely relevant to your goals as an individual. 

    Audience Insights: gain a solid understanding of your customer persona and use that to inform your overall business strategy.

    Accessible Education: New to Analytics? A seasoned digital marketer? We scale and adapt the content of our Analytics course depending on your experience – meaning you won’t waste time retreading old ground, or equally get lost in complex jargon!

    Post-course support: the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the day! Get access to all of your presentation slides, Analytics data templates, reporting tools and most importantly – you’ll be buddied with one of our expert trainers to check in with and discuss the implementation of your learnings within your business.



    Peaky Digital have a huge range of experience helping clients use Google Analytics to make data-led decisions for their brands. We’re passionate about delivering courses that can take you from complete beginner to expert, and equip you with the tools you need to apply your learnings for successful marketing campaigns online. Our trainers take the time to understand your unique business and tailor course content accordingly, meaning you’ll experience a highly bespoke session that focusses only on your goals.


    Are you ready to learn more and achieve success in your Analytics campaign? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your Analytics training course!