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Using Paid Media to capitalise on a strong organic social presence and great influencer partnerships.



ROAS three months into running Paid Social Campaigns

The Challenge

Following the opening of a few key salons in Central London and Harrods and a steady rollout schedule for new locations across the UK, Townhouse were looking for support in expanding and optimising its digital marketing activity. Their online presence needed to scale as quickly as their physical presence. 

Townhouse needed a steady flow of online bookings for all sites to ensure they are busy.

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Our Strategy

With a strong organic social presence and great influencer partnerships in place, there were some obvious pain point and opportunities across paid media.

Designing a Solution

  1. Scaling into new paid marketing channels – With Townhouses physical presence across the country growing, paid media was a channel to be utilised.
  2. Increase online bookings – Opportunity to enhance the user experience on the site and create copy and touchpoints that drive users to a conversion.
  3. Support launch of new salons – With new salons appearing monthly, it’s imperative to make sure they hit the ground running.
  4. Brand awareness in hard to reach areas – Some salons are in areas of low natural footfall.

Bringing the Campaign to Life

Our experts worked with Townhouse to develop a paid media strategy that would support the rollout of new sites across the UK:

  1. Getting up and running – Create revenue-driving campaigns that can be turned on to immediately drive targeted traffic to your website.
  2. Remarketing – Remarket to past website visitors to enhance the customer journey and reach out to people that have already shown interest at a lower cost per click as well as reinforcing brand awareness.
  3. Location-based targeting – structure campaigns with radius-based targeting to capture search intent of those within a suitable distance.
  4. Reach new audiences –  Outlining a paid social strategy to reach new audiences.  As each new location becomes available, this presents the opportunity for audience growth in specific areas. Strengthen your digital presence to capture more market share
  5. Launch promotion – Utilising a welcome promotions to entice people to make their first booking

Ensuring Success

Best-practice is a key consideration at every stage of our campaigns. Here are a few of the ways we ensured that our campaigns would work towards our KPI’s for Townhouse. 

Setting up for Success

Ensuring PPC campaigns were set up to run at optimal performance. Undertaking Competitor analysis, Campaign landing page review and recommendations, Detailed Keywords and targeting research. 

Consider the Lifetime Value

Creating campaigns that encourage repeat custom & scale lifetime value. Once a person has engaged with Townhouse, we want to make sure they keep coming back. Have a strategy in place to support your existing customers and grow their lifetime value.

Building on the Brand Awareness

Creating ‘coming now’ and ‘Opening soon’ campaigns across paid social to create brand awareness in cities before the opening of the salon.

The Results

We pride ourselves on working exhaustively to a set of clearly defined values. These values are established and delivered by our passionate team in every aspect of the work we do, allowing us to achieve the results we strive for. If you want to learn how we can help you reach new peaks, fill out the contact form below!


Increase in purchases YoY through PPC


Increase in revenue YoY through PPC


ROAS three months into running Paid Social Campaigns

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