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The Top 7 eCommerce Metrics to Track in Google Analytics

by Adam Budd

Jan 13, 2023

The Top 7 E-commerce Metrics to Track in Google Analytics

So you’ve just set up your eCommerce business website and configured how you want it to look. But now is the time to take the crucial steps to ensure it is all working and tracking correctly. The best way to do this is through the use of Google Analytics, a free tool available from the tech giant’s suite of tools. Google Analytics offers invaluable insights for businesses that can shape a business’ actions.

There are of course a few metrics to keep an eye out for, as these are the ones that will provide real value to eCommerce businesses. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking vanity metrics are the be-all and end-all of analytics when in reality there are more relevant metrics to be paying attention to and tracking. Join us in this blog as we identify the most important Google Analytics metrics to be taking note of for your eCommerce business. 

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Peaky’s Top 7 eCommerce Metrics:

eCommerce Revenue

This is fundamentally one of the most important metrics to be tracking. With every business operating to make money, ensuring you’re aware of your revenue is essential for the future of your business. There are of course many different aspects of tracking your eCommerce revenue that can provide valuable insight into how the consumer interacts with your website. 


eCommerce Conversion Rate

Put simply, the eCommerce conversion rate of your website is worked out by how many people visited your website and then what percentage of people then bought something. While it is difficult to get a high eCommerce conversion rate, anything between 1% – 2% is good. If it is below 1%, there is a chance that you have a high number of new visitors to your website, meaning your content is reaching a new audience that ultimately may convert. This can be accredited to good content on your website.


Top Conversion Sources & Paths

With the help of identifying your strongest channels, ones that are resulting in the most conversions, you are able to focus your efforts on maximising their potential. Of course, this data can also be used to assess where your digital marketing may be slightly weaker and then create an action plan to improve. 

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Average Order Value

Tracking your average order value through Google Analytics is a useful way to assess your business’ growth. Being aware of your average order value can inform your future marketing strategies as well as things such as pricing. If you’re an eCommerce business and are finding that your average order value is lower than you expected, there are a few things you can do to try and boost it.


3 Tips to Boost your Average Order Value

Free Delivery – Offering free shipping to your customers could be the factor that convinces them to finally convert. Why not offer it to first-time shoppers or to those who are signed up for your newsletter?

Upselling – Giving your prospective customers the opportunity to add extra bits to their carts is a great way to increase your average order value. Is there something in your catalogue of products that pairs well with the item they’re looking at? Suggest it to them and give yourself the best chance to increase your AOV.

Bundles – If you have products that have the same theme, such as hygiene or food, bundling them together is a great way to provide more value to prospective customers and also increase your average order value. The customer will believe they are getting a good deal and you will be receiving a greater total in exchange. 


Website Traffic

Website traffic will be one of the first metrics you’ll be drawn to when setting up your Google Analytics. While the number may not present any actionable points, it does provide valuable insight into the number of people, and type of people, visiting your website. By analysing your website traffic, you can obtain insight into where your traffic is coming from, whether it is returning traffic or new as well as general information on time spent on your site. 

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Landing Pages

When we say landing pages, we are specifically referring to the ‘landing pages’ feature of Google Analytics. This tab within Google Analytics falls under ‘Behaviour’ and is great for establishing what pages the consumer is most interested in. Discover insights such as average page session duration and bounce rate for specific pages. This is ideal for businesses who want to identify their best-performing and most popular pages.


Exit Pages

For those unfamiliar with this feature of Google Analytics, the ‘exit pages’ feature is the last page viewed by a user before they leave your website. If your site is seeing a high bounce rate, this feature is good for those who want to identify the possible cause. 


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