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5 Top Tips to Increase Your Website’s SEO with On-Page Optimisation

by Jamie MacKenzie

Sep 27, 2021, , ,

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Optimising Your SEO Performance On Individual Pages

Do you want to increase traffic and visibility to your website? These SEO tips can help improve your search ranking on Google, thereby increasing traffic and visibility which can also increase your ROI. 

Here are Peaky Digital’s 5 top tips for improving your website’s on-page optimisation.

1. Optimise Your Keywords and Page Titles

Targeting the right keywords and title for your website can increase its relevancy and visibility to your customer. It is important you research your keyword phrases to ensure they’re popular and relevant to your ideal customer, and therefore more effective at reeling them in. 

Researching your competitor’s keywords to understand what phrases are most effective in your industry can be a great starting point. You also need to create page titles that are short, concise and catch your customers’ attention straight away. No more than 60 characters for page titles is recommended.

2. Optimise Header Tags for Featured Snippets  

Header tags (bold headings within your page copy) can have a positive impact on SEO when used in conjunction with featured snippets. Featured snippets are brief excerpts from a page on your website that appear on the first page of Google, They’re selected based on Google’s assumption that they can quickly answer a user’s search query.

To increase your chance of your site’s content being featured in snippets, it’s important to use concise and descriptive header tags which include relevant keywords. Using header tags that also outline different list items means your featured snippets will appear in more relevant Google results, in turn boosting your website’s visibility. 

3. Use an Engaging Meta Description

To improve views on your website you’ll need an engaging meta description on each page to catch your customer’s eye. A meta description is a short paragraph visible below a page title on the Google results page. 

An engaging meta description should include a strong call-to-action that can instantly inform your customer of what your website can offer them. Meta descriptions also vary in optimal length for mobile and desktop, so aim to use around 155 characters for mobile and 300 characters for desktop. 

4. Include Alt Tags on Your Images

Alt tags are a really simple and effective way to improve your SEO rankings. Alt tags are labels you can give an image to help Google understand what the image is showing and this tag will also be shown to the user if the image fails to display. Alt tags also help your images show up in relevant Google image searches.  

5. Optimise your content and include Internal Links  

Ensure the body of the content on each page has enough text to provide Google and the user with an idea of what the page is about. Despite the fact there’s no minimum word count for pages, it’s important that there’s enough context to the topic you’re discussing, so the general best practice is to aim for around 500 words per page. 

It’s also key to include internal links to other relevant products, services and landing pages which are related to your topic and are housed in appropriate anchor text on-page. For more helpful info, read our top tips for creating knockout content for your brand. 

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If you’re looking to increase your website’s on-page SEO performance, then get in touch with our team today.

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